McCrory signs education bills at Cuthbertson

Mar. 16, 2013 @ 05:13 PM

Gov. Pat McCrory visited Cuthbertson High School in Waxhaw Friday afternoon to sign two bills into law.

The bills were sponsored in the house by state Rep. Craig Horn, R-68, who was on hand for the signing.

One bill directed the State Board of Education to develop and implement digital teaching and learning standards for teachers and school administrators to ensure high-quality digital learning in schools. The other bill signaled North Carolina’s intent to transition from funding textbooks to digital learning materials by 2017.

Horn said this all started because of a bookbag that was too heavy to lift. He added that beginning today they will fundamentally change education and that he was proud to have played a role in the bills.

McCrory said before the signing that the laws would help students to learn. They could take courses not offered by their schools online.

Superintendent Mary Ellis noted that Union County Public Schools has been on a “journey” with digital learning, through the 1:1 laptop program and the academies they are in the process of implementing. 

McCrory said in an interview following the signing that the concept of textbooks will be “obsolete” soon. He added that children today begin learning digitally from practically the time they are born. In addition to being cheaper, he said, digital learning materials will open up a broader range of knowledge to students. 

For students who do not respond well to a digital learning environment, he said, they will seek alternative education methods. 

During his campaign, McCrory spoke at length about a pay raise for teachers. He said that he would be announcing his budget soon and did not want to go into specifics yet. 

“We hope to give at least a little bit,” he said, to all state employees, he added. 

However, he added, it is a very tight budget this year.