Prayer can always make us feel better

Mar. 14, 2013 @ 04:43 PM

I love music. I love God through music. I worship God through music. I find comfort in the old hymns, and vibrancy in the new ones. I love to sing. I listen to Contemporary Christian music most of the time, but I do listen to other things depending on my mood. Classical, jazz, oldies, rock, indie, and others. Often to express my feelings - good or bad - I turn to music because I don’t have words to express what I’m going through. Often to bring myself to a gentler place as I prepare for prayer time, I listen to music. Psalm 69:30 says “I will praise God’s name with song; I will magnify him with thanks.”

I have to be careful that I don’t surround myself with noise all the time. Sometimes, I like to keep the TV off and sit and read. Sometimes I drive long distances with the radio off, and just watch and listen and talk to God. I’ve found that it’s in the quiet that I hear God speak to me. He speaks to me other times as well, but I guess I’m listening better when all is hushed.

I’ve always loved that time in the evening when all the kids are in bed, all the pets have been fed and bedded down, my husband is in bed watching TV, and I have the den all to myself. I dance. I sing. I play the guitar. I play the piano. I play the keyboard. I play with my dolls. I knit, crochet, quilt or scrapbook. I play with God. We talk and pray and dance and sing and do all those things as we commune with each other. I know God thinks I’m a bit daft at times, but he made me that way! I think he gets a really good laugh about me from time to time. You see, God isn’t always that strict, no-nonsense guy he’s portrayed to be. Sometimes, God plays. He wants us to talk to him, in good times as well as bad. He wants us to have an attitude of gratitude, instead of an inexhaustible wish list of our selfish wants. And if we look for it, we can see scripture that teaches us to enjoy God with praise and worship and thanksgiving.

There’s this interesting side effect when we give God our praise and love and worship. Our lives get better! It changes our whole outlook on the day if we just stop and pray. And just wait until you see how you feel after playing with God! There are no words.....

The Rev. Caren Bigelow Morgan is pastor of Waxhaw United Methodist Church.