Community Health Services gets accreditation

Jul. 27, 2013 @ 04:41 PM

Community Health Services of Union County, Inc. has been awarded Level 3 accreditation from the North Carolina Association of Free Clinics. 

Level 3, which is a five-year accreditation, indicated consistent performance at exceptional standards, including measurements in management and administration, according to the organization. 

Health Services received Level 1 accreditation in 2012. 

Executive Director Cindy Cole said the Level 3 accreditation shows that people are receiving the highest level of care. 

“It’s absolutely a great accreditation and a great honor,” she said. 

The organization worked for about a year to receive the accreditation. 

One of their achievements included the free diabetes clinic, which opened in 2010. Cole said the clinic has grown 300 percent sine then. 

A part of the process included patient satisfaction surveys. Cole said that many patients come back to volunteer.

“For the community that’s an awesome thing, because the people are not only getting well, but they’re becoming more productive in society and they want to give back,” Cole said. “That speaks volumes.”

Through the program, eligible clients can see a doctor, receive medications, receive ongoing treatment for diabetes and receive a bag of groceries each month through their grocery program. 

“All these collaborations together and every little piece of that makes up this accreditation,” Cole said. 

Community Health Services is a United Way agency, the only agency that is a community health clinic, Cole said. 

“We want to be the best clinic that we can possibly be,” Cole said. 

She said the accreditation shows the community that patients are getting the highest level of care they can offer. It also shows that they are doing everything possible to keep the patients safe and doing the “absolute best” possible job. 

“Especially for the uninsured community, it is awesome that there is something in the area...we can help them that don’t have a doctor, don’t have insurance (or) don’t have the to go to a regular doctor that charges,” Cole said.

Community Health Services provides healthcare outreach, health screening and diabetes management for uninsured citizens of Union County.

The organization is growing, Cole said, and they are always in need of volunteers, support or donations for the clinic.