Butts and Guts: a workout for the core

Aug. 10, 2013 @ 04:39 PM

It took a few days for me to recover from the walking lunges of Crossfit, but I could not resist taking the “Butts and Guts” class at Enterprise Fitness in Monroe. 

The class is exactly what it sounds like, it works your core, abs, glutes and lower body. I remember taking similar classes in college and they were pretty fun. 

The half-hour class was taught by Jesse Boyce and involved a lot of planks, squats, lunges and everything you would expect to tone your core and backside. 

Owner John Howie said the class has been popular since it started late last year. 

“Everyone wants to work butts and guts,” Howie said. 

However, the old adage is true, abs are made in the kitchen. The six pack of abs everyone wants are based more on nutrition than crunches. 

“They’re a muscle like anything else,” Howie said. 

The midsection, he said, is where the body stores excess fat because it is closest to our center of gravity, thus the midsection is the last place you lose weight and the first place you gain weight. 

Howie said a balanced diet of the food groups and consuming about 500 to 1,000 calories below your caloric maintenance level will help to reveal the abs you have been strengthening with your thousands of crunches.

But out of the kitchen and back into the gym. 

The class was a nice mixture of people and skill levels. It was challenging, but everyone was having a good time and often someone would make a joke to take my mind off of my burning thigh muscles. Oh, wall sits get me every time. 

The next day, I had to take care not to laugh too much at things due to soreness. The various exercises worked parts of the core that are often overlooked or are not worked by popular exercises.  

Steve Sarrantonio, 40, said he has been taking the class since it started. He said he really likes the instructors and how

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they mix up the exercises from week to week. 

“(My stomach) is what I can’t get rid of,” Sarrantonio said. He said that he is seeing improvement since starting the class. 

Devin Black took the class for the first time that night. He is a football player and typically trains with weights and various sprinting and agility drills. 

“It’s a different type of training than I’m used to,” Black said. 

He said the class was good for toning and he would take it again. 

I liked how attentive the instructor was. He demonstrated each move showing the correct way and the incorrect way, which I often find just as helpful. He also showed us ways to modify each exercise to make it easier or more challenging. In addition he went around the class correcting people and giving feedback, which I always appreciate from an instructor. 

The class runs for about 30 minutes and is held Tuesday evenings. I had to use my towel to cushion my left knee during some exercises, but apart from that it was not very stressful on my joints. 

Butts and Guts

Time: 30 minutes

Intensity: Moderate

Calories burned: 185 (varies)