Company plans solar operation near Marshville

Dec. 12, 2012 @ 06:02 PM

A Charlotte based company wants to build a solar electric power plant near Marshville.

According to Brian Bednar, the owner/president of Birdseye Renewable Energy, the company is working on plans to build a solar electric power plant near the town's Duke Energy substation.

"We're planning on it being a 5 megawatt project and roughly 32 acres," Bednar said.

His company has various solar energy related projects around the state and was interested in finding new locations, he said.

"I'm constantly looking for additional locations where I can build a project and I found a piece of property in Marshville and after meeting with the town manager, I found that Marshville seemed to be interested in trying to have a project in Marshville, he said.

The closeness of the potential site to Duke Energy was one factor in choosing it for the project. They plan to meet with Marshville's Board of Adjustment in January about the project and hope to start construction sometime in the first half of 2013. When completed, the plant will run quietly and the county will benefit from additional tax revenue from it. The power generated by the plant will be sold to Duke Energy and be distributed around the county, he said.

So far an application for a special use permit or plans for the proposed project have not been submitted to the town, Amanda Reid, Marshville's town manager, said.

They anticipate that the documents will be submitted later this month but the company has to go before the town's Board of Adjustment for approval of a special use permit and before moving forward with the project. The company recently hosted a neighborhood meeting about the project for those living near the plant's potential location but the meeting was not a town-sponsored event, she said.

The next meeting of Marshville's Board of Adjustments is scheduled for Jan. 10.

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