Enquirer-Journal evolves with technology, reader needs

Mar. 03, 2013 @ 07:50 AM

With today’s edition of The Enquirer-Journal, the newspaper enters an exciting new era in the publication’s nearly 140-year history of service to Union County.

Starting today, the print edition of The Enquirer-Journal will be delivered to all home delivery subscribers on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Our website, enquirerjournal.com, will be updated on a daily basis and will be available to subscribers 24/7.

The new print edition publication cycle, along with an increase in our digital coverage, represents a plan to better serve the changing reading habits of our subscribers and the way local businesses advertise. 

The newspaper’s subscribers will be able to access our website to read local news updates between delivery of print edition copies. In recent weeks, the website has become mobile optimized to provide a more satisfying reading experience for users of smartphones and tablets.

Readers will find plenty of improvements in the new print edition. Our coverage will focus more than ever on local news.

 One of the first things you are sure to notice starting today is the increased use of full-color throughout the newspaper, both in advertising and in local photos and graphics. This is designed to enhance your enjoyment of the newspaper as well as to increase the results our advertisers receive from their ads. 

Beginning today and in upcoming editions, you will find more public records news. Today’s B section includes a listing of recent property transfers. The C section of today’s newspaper includes Union County marriages and births. In future editions, you will find building permits, divorce decrees, indictments and dispositions of felonies. Our current cops and courts coverage, including arrest logs, will be expanded as we go along.

To help boost community news coverage, the newspaper has enlisted a corps of local correspondents. 

Maggie Blutreich’s column on the care and training of dogs will continue to be published on a regular basis.

Teresa Edwards will write about people and events in Unionville. Dorothy Maloney’s weekly column about the Waxhaw area will continue and Dorothy and Karen Johnson will continue to write the Remembering Veterans feature. The Marshville community will be covered with a column written by Doris Wheeler.

Bill Howard will join the newspaper’s columnists as an outdoors writer. His column will appear regularly on Fridays. 

An etiquette column will be published on Sundays and a local food feature will appear each Wednesday. Jeanne Howell, who lives in Monroe, writes both columns.

Tiffany Jothen will be back on board with The Enquirer-Journal with a weekly religion feature. Caren Morgan will continue her weekly column on religion and everyday life. The weekly column on the history of religion, written by Dr. Mark Nickens, will be published on Fridays.

Shaun Koh, former news editor of The Enquirer-Journal, will pen frequent columns and features about Union County arts and entertainment.

A recently added garden column written by Mary Roberts will continue to be published on Wednesdays.

Nita Williamson’s monthly nostalgia column will continue as well.

We continue to seek columnists to write about other communities and neighborhoods as well as special topics, such as agriculture. If you are interested in writing for the newspaper, contact Stan Hojnacki, the newspaper’s editor, at 704-261-2220, or shojnacki@theej.com.

Fans of Sunday’s color comics section will find a larger lineup of comics. New strips to be found in today’s edition include: Classic Peanuts, For Better or For Worse, Funky Winkerbean, Hi and Lois, Judge Parker, Mutts, Piranha Clup, Red and Rover, Shoe, The Family Circus, The Natural Order of Things and Zits. Dropped from the Sunday comics lineup are: Luann, Slylcok Fox and Comics for Kids.

Users of the newspaper’s weekly TV magazine will find a change in the way we publish TV listings. While somewhat abbreviated from what we have been publishing, TV listings for the week will be published every Sunday on the last three pages of the County Living section, a new entertainment and lifestyles section. 

Social news — anniversaries, birthdays, engagements and weddings — has been moved to the new Sunday County Living section as well. These announcements will be published with no charge for either subscribers or nonsubscribers. Forms may be picked up from our offices at 500 W. Jefferson St., Monroe.

With the change in the print publication cycle some of the newspaper’s other standing features will move to a new day. The A to Z Kids page will move from Tuesdays to Wednesdays as will the garden column. The weekly entertainment calendar will move from Thursdays to Sundays. Religion news will move from Saturdays to Fridays.

Our coverage of Union County government, Union County Public Schools, the City of Monroe, the Towns of Marshville, Unionville, Wingate and to a lesser degree some other of Union County’s municipalities will continue as will our weekly business news coverage. Business owners are invited to submit their business news — employee promotions, awards, etc. — for publication on Sundays.

The Enquirer-Journal’s sports pages will continue the newspaper’s unequaled coverage of local high school sports. Each Sunday edition will include a look back at the previous week in high school sports with the publication of some photos that did not make it into print during the prior week.

Features such as Coming Events, Dear Abby, horoscopes, puzzles and comics will continue in each print edition.

The newspaper’s basic home delivery subscription rate has decreased to $10.00 per month from the previous basic rate of $41.00 for three months. 

In coming months, our website will become available just to subscribers or with the purchase of a 24-hour pass. Complete access to the website, including mobile optimization and the e-edition — a digital replica of the print edition — will be included with print edition subscriptions. 

To subscribe to the newspaper, contact the newspaper’s circulation department at: 704-261-2219, circulation@theej.com, or visit our website, enquirerjoural.com.

While the Sunday newsstand rate will remain at $1.50 per copy the newsstand price for the Wednesday and Friday editions will change to $1.00 per copy.

New advertising plans offering larger, full-color ads with consistent advertising at easily affordable rates have been developed for our advertisers. Please phone the newspaper’s advertising department at 704-261-2251 for details.

 The staff of The Enquirer-Journal hopes that you will enjoy the newspaper’s increased focus on local news along with the other changes we have made. If you have suggestions as to additional local news coverage you would like to see or have news tips, please contact us at 704-289-1541.

Thank you for your patronage and for reading The Enquirer-Journal, Monroe’s newspaper since 1873.