Deter's first office will be mayor of Weddington

Nov. 07, 2013 @ 04:54 PM

Bill Deter was elected Tuesday night and will serve as the mayor of Weddington for the next two years. 

He received 61.2 percent of the vote, beating opponent Scott Robinson, who received 38.58 percent of the vote. 

This is Deter's first time holding an elected office. 

"It's always fun to win, better than losing," Deter said. "It was a very significant win, which I think reflects very clearly the direction and desires of the voters of Weddington." 

Deter said one of his first priorities as mayor will be to address the "dysfunctional" leadershi team in town government, he said.  He said they all have passion over the issues and sometimes that passion can get more into personal animosities and vitriol, instead of focusing on the issues. 

"My first task is to try to raise the level of discourse, get a working team in place to focus more on the issues of the town and some of the personality issues," Deter said. "First things first is trying to re-establish some teamwork and commitment and respect for each other." 

Deter said disagreements are very commonplace, but they have to agree to disagree and agree to do what is best. 

He said another big issue is what direction to take the town with growth in terms of residential versus commercial. 

"I think the town spoke very clearly that they want to contain commercial growth," he said.

He said the message has been consistent that residents want to be a residential community of one-acre plots or less, avoiding mixed-use and other forms of development. 

"But I don't think council...has been delivering on that," Deter said. 

He, along with two new council members will join two existing board members. Deter said he is very optimistic they can meld the old and the new. 

"I'm hoping we can have a good working team of four council members and a mayor," Deter said. "My role as mayor is to manage the town." 

He said the mayor in Weddington only votes in case of a tie, so his tole is more about getting the council people to focus on the issues and discuss the issues. He said he believes in constructive tension, but if it is not properly managed, it can slide dinto a negative tone and he is hoping he can find the balance between the two and lead council. 

"I'd like to thank all the people who voted for me and I'm looking forward to serving the people of the Town of Weddington for the next couple of years," Deter said. 

Don Titherington defeated Incumbent Council member Werner Thomisser for the District 1 council seat. Titherington received 66.38 percent of the vote and Thomisser received 33.28 percent of the vote. Titherington could not be reached before press time. 

Michael Smith defeated Incumbent Council member Daniel Barry for the District 3 council seat. Smith received 64.65 percent of the vote and Barry received 35.13 percent of the vote. Smith could not be reached before press time.