Primary voting is Tuesday

May. 03, 2014 @ 03:11 PM

More than 3,300 Union County residents cast their ballots for primary election candidates during the 10-day early voting period.

Early voting ended Saturday afternoon. The last count was Friday evening with 3,321 early voters. There are 140,205 registered voters in the county as of last month, according to the Union County Board of Elections.  

The greatest turnout was at the Union County Public Library polling place with Friday’s total of 1,239. Second highest was at Wesley Chapel Volunteer Fire Department with Friday’s total of 876. Indian Trail Cultural Arts Center saw 652 by Friday. Fewer people voted early at Hemby Bridge Volunteer Fire Department with Friday’s total of 385 and Wingate Community Center’s Friday total of 169.

This is the first early voting period under the state’s new shorter early voting period. Statewide, early voting totals surpassed totals from 2010, according to a statement by the N.C. State Board of Elections.

“Counties report early voting totals at 199,904 as of 2 p.m. Friday, compared to 172,972 votes cast over the 17-day early voting period in 2010,” it states. “This represents an overall increase in turnout of 0.8% over 2010, adjusting for increased registration.”

Early voting totals will be added to total votes cast on May 6 to choose which nominees go on to represent their parties in November’s general election. Offices up for reelection include national, state, judicial and county seats.

If you have not yet voted and you are already a registered Union County voter, you can still participate in Tuesday’s primary election by going to your precinct’s polling place.

For more information, to check you voter registration or find your polling place, visit the Union County Board of Elections website at or call them at 704-283-3809.