School board OKs $339 million budget

Feb. 08, 2014 @ 04:00 PM

The Union County Board of Education unanimously passed the 2013-2014 Union County Public Schools budget resolution Tuesday night. 

The grand total for the budget, including all funding sources, is about $339 million. 

This year’s state appropriation is about $196 million. The local funding appropriation is about $86 million. The total federal grants funding appropriation is about $19 million. The capital outlay fund is about $12 million. 

The budget also includes enterprise funds like child nutrition and afterschool, which pay for themselves through user fees. A more detailed budget is available on the school’s website. 

Finance Director Dan Karpinski told the board the county’s budget ordinance includes the state law that the board of education can make maximum annual cumulative transfers totaling up to 10 percent of the amounts appropriated by purpose code to another purpose code. 

Per the ordinance and state law, a report of the transfers and the purpose of the transfer will be presented to the county commissioners at its next meeting and that annual cumulative transfers that are more than 10 percent must be approved by the commissioners. 

“They are watching everything we do,” Karpinski told the board and added that they are putting constraints on them as a board.