Year ends with Josh Crowley death unresolved

Dec. 29, 2012 @ 05:10 PM

Eight months after a passing motorist found the body of Joshua Crowley on Potter Road on Easter Sunday, the question  of how he died remains unresolved.

Since his body was found, the vehicle involved in the hit-and-run has been identified and Tiffany Brooke Ashcraft was identified as the vehicle’s driver. 

On Easter Sunday, a passing motorist found Crowley’s body on Potter Road after he had been hit the night before while walking home from a party.

According to a report from the North Carolina Highway Patrol, Ashcraft was the driver of the 2011 Lexus that hit Crowley. On April 7, the vehicle was traveling south on the road when Crowley was struck while walking in the roadway. After the collision, the vehicle left the scene. Crowley’s body came to rest on the right shoulder of the roadway and was later found on April 8.

The speed limit on the road was 45 mph. Ashcraft’s vehicle was traveling 58 mph at the time, according to the report.

The report also lists some toxicology results and states that Crowley had a .13 blood alcohol content at the time he was hit. Much of the information about Ashcraft’s condition at the time of the incident is listed as unknown since the hit-and-run was not discovered right away, according to Highway Patrol staff.

At the time of hit and run, Ashcraft was a junior at Weddington High School.

In the days after Crowley’s body was found, the North Carolina Highway Patrol began its investigation of the incident. The owner of the vehicle, who is listed as Eugene Kennedy Ashcraft in the Highway Patrol report, contacted the Highway Patrol in reference to the vehicle’s involvement in the hit and run.

 No charges have been filed yet against Tiffany Brooke Ashcraft, nor is it clear whether charges will be pressed. The Highway Patrol report lists the charges as pending.

In October, loved ones of Crowley stood next to a life-size cut out of Crowley and held signs and pictures of him in front of the Union County Courthouse as a way to help keep the case on people’s minds and to remind them that it had been six months since the hit-and-run without completion of the investigation.

The reconstruction of the hit-and-run has been completed and a presentation was given to the District Attorney’s Office by members of the North Carolina Highway Patrol. Since then, the District Attorney’s Office has asked them to do more interviews and to investigate further.