Library supporters open used book store

Jul. 05, 2014 @ 04:19 PM

Friday, July 11 at 6 p.m. is the ribbon cutting for the grand reopening of the Used Book Store in its new location at West South Main Street, next to the “Creamery,” right in the heart of beautiful, historic Waxhaw.

During the spring of 2009, a group of members of the Garden Club of Waxhaw discussed the need for a larger library in Waxhaw. Right then and there, Erin Kirkpatrick, Pat Kitto, Beth Myles, Rachel Davidson, and Frances Robinson decided to establish a committee to raise funds for a larger, more modern library to be located in Waxhaw. This group scheduled another meeting primarily to write by-laws.

Attending this second meeting, July 9, 2009, at the home of Pat Kitto, were Erin Kirkpatrick, who presided over the meeting, as well as Frances Robinson, Maria Brinew, Beth Myles, Mary Powers and Rachel Davidson. At these two meetings, the organization was entitled “Library Guild of Waxhaw.” Mary Powers volunteered to act as Chairwoman of the Fundraising Committee, with Pat Kitto volunteering to be Chairwoman of the Book Sale Committee.

The third meeting, on July 18, 2009, at the Waxhaw Library, with Pat Kitto, Frances Robinson, Vivian Riegelman, Mary Powers, Missy Rose, Anthony Burman, and Ray Kube. It was at this meeting that Erin Kirkpatrick was chosen President, with the understanding that if elected to Waxhaw’s Town Board of Commissioners, she may need to resign from the position. Erin was elected unanimously.

July 22, 2009, was the date set for the next meeting to be held at the home of Vivian Riegelman, with the approval of minutes, Bylaws, and election of officers on the agenda. At this meeting, the organization name was changed to “Library Association of Waxhaw.” Those in attendance were Vivian Riegelman, Erin Kirkpatrick, Maria Brinew, Anthony Burman, Dorothy Moloney, Terry Settle, Beth Myles, Mary Powers, and Pat Kitto. Officers were elected unanimously: Erin had already been elected President, as was Pat Kitto, Book Sale Chair, Mary Powers, Fundraising Chair, and, as of July 22, 2009, Maria Brinew was chosen Membership Chairman, Vivian Riegelman, Vice President, and Dorothy Moloney, Treasurer.

During the next meeting Jan Ringeling was elected Secretary. For the first fundraiser, a “Street Carnival” was decided upon, to be held near the Military Wall of Honor, in front of Southsiders. This was a very successful event, geared not only to raise money, but also to have fun. The children loved it. One of the highlights of the day was the “Dunking Game.” Mayor Daune Gardner was probably the most fun, as everyone enjoyed paying money to dunk the Mayor! What a good sport she is! There was an auction, contests, bakery sales, water sales, membership drive, and just lots of fun! Proceeds amounted in excess

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of $2,200. The Library Association of Waxhaw was on its way! A very successful event, chaired by Mary Powers.

Before we knew it, Erin Kirkpatrick was elected to the Town of Waxhaw Commission. Erin felt it best to resign, and recommended that Missy Rose replace her. Missy agreed, and on we went to more challenges. The fundraiser which took an enormous amount of planning and designing, under the leadership of Vicky Tessar, was a calendar, which was decorated with artwork done by Waxhaw students, and included ads and coupons from local merchants who supported us most generously. All of the proceeds added to the bank account for a new library. In the meantime, Missy Rose committed to graduate courses to enable her to earn her Masters degree. She felt that if she didn’t resign, she wouldn’t be able to give her best to either commitment, her Masters or her Presidency. Missy resigned, and Terry Settle took over the helm, and has remained there ever since. The following year, Dorothy Moloney’s term was up as Treasurer, and Linda Cummings, a CPA, replaced her, and Mrs. Southern became Secretary.

With the arrival of 2010, the Library Association of Waxhaw learned that they could have the retail space free of charge, on the corner of Highway 75 and South Providence Road. Beginning in January of 2010, Mark Caine was our generous landlord, and we were off to being used book merchants. The used book store was an immediate hit! For two years we were fortunate to be free of almost all overhead. Then, early in 2012, Mark realized he could no longer afford to be so generous. The used bookstore continued on until 2014, when our rent was increased to a price we could not afford. The end of a wonderful era. But not so fast, within almost no time, we were able to find an affordable spot, next to “The Creamery,” at the opposite end of South Main Street, on the west end. That is where we are now located, and that is where we will have our “Ribbon Cutting,” on Friday, July 11th, at

In addition to the fundraisers, book sales, donations and membership, the Library Association of Waxhaw has raised in excess of $70,000 intended to start a new library in Waxhaw. Next time you visit the bookstore, ask about membership.

In the meantime, so many volunteers should be thanked for helping with our continued success. All the officers and committee chairs, as well as the people who operate the bookstore on a daily basis, Skip Wright, (Skip was our on call handyman for years,) Gerry Bryant, Leon and Maria Brinew, Vic Montalvo III, Vic Montalvo, Sr., Town Commissioner Paul Fitzgerald, Billy Doumar, Brett Diller, Ron Zimmerman, Rob Figueroa, Cameron (Tiny) Minton, Jenny Raughley, Vernon McQueary, Michael Kitto, Steven Kitto, Lowes, Barbara Epps, Earl Cook, Bill Howie, Lannie Openshaw, and many others. One big thank you to each and every volunteer who has helped make this endeavor a marvelous asset to the Town of Waxhaw, and hopefully build Waxhaw a new, library worthy of Waxhaw and its residents.