Finance report list candidate donors, spending

Oct. 05, 2013 @ 04:52 PM

Around elections revolve political campaigns, and campaigns are run on money.

With Monroe municipal elections just around the corner, candidates are wrapping up their campaigns. Donations to and expenditures by each campaign totaling $1,000 or more must be reported to the Union County Board of Elections.

Finance reports available through the board of elections shed light on how much some Monroe candidates raised for their campaign. The following is public information downloaded from the board of elections website.

Incumbent Monroe Council member John Ashcraft raised $996 in individual donations and loaned himself $1,000. As of Sept. 24, he spent $972 on signs, copies and mailings. Kenneth Haigler, Nancy Noles, Larry Helms, James C. Plyler Jr., Clark Goodwin and Carl Wiggins each contributed donations of $100.

Cary Rogers had $1,100 cash-on-hand at the 2013 election season’s start. As of Sept. 3, his campaign received $1,600 from 12 individual donors and $1,100 in loan proceeds. His top donors were Robert Ray and Mary S. Crisp who donated $516 each. Sen. Tommy Tucker and his wife, Diane, donated $50 each. At the time the report had filed, Rogers listed no expenditures.

Debra Duncan began the election season with $100 cash-on-hand. Individual contributions totaled $400. Unforgiven loans totaled $832. The largest contribution was a $1,400 loan by Duncan’s father, Jay Duncan, which was forgiven the same day as it was written, July 24, 2013. Jay Duncan died a few days later on August 1. Campaign expenditures as of Aug. 30 totaled $2,232 for yard signs, T-shirts and business cards.

Surluta B. Anthony began the election season with $227 cash-on-hand. She collected $305 in aggregated contributions from individuals and $444 in other individual contributions. As of Sept. 3, her campaign had $1,504. Top donors were Willie Jordan at $200. Total expenditures were $1,388 for kick-off event food and entertainment, palm cards, signs and post cards.

Lynn Keziah’s campaign for mayor began with a balance of $500. Individuals contributed $2,405, the largest amount coming from Gregory Parsons at $1,500. Keziah reimbursed himself $1,361 for yard signs on Sept. 3.

No campaign finance data for candidates Bobby Kilgore, Margaret Desio, Kenneth Graham and Kyle Hayes was listed on the Union County Board of Elections website.