City council gets look at Fox report

Final draft on manager turnover expected next week
Jan. 16, 2013 @ 06:29 PM

The Monroe City Council heard from Attorney Anthony Fox at their 4 p.m. meeting Tuesday. The meeting was a closed session. 

During the meeting, they reviewed a draft of his report on turnover among Monroe city managers and saw a Powerpoint presentation. 

Fox took the drafts back in order to redact the personnel information, according to City Council member Margaret Desio.

It is Desio's understanding that the report will be released. 

"It is my hope that it will be," Desio said.

Council member John Ashcraft also hopes the document is released.

"Personally, I don't have a problem with sharing it because the public paid for it," Ashcraft said. 

However, he added, releasing the study would be a council decision. 

"I can't speak to the Council," Ashcraft said. 

The final product should be returned in about a week. 

"The citizens of Monroe paid for it and if it's legit to do so, I don't have a problem letting them see the document. But that's just one person's opinion," Ashcraft said. 

Council member Dottie Nash was also unsure about whether or not the final report would be released. 

North Carolina defines a public record as any documentary form made or received pursuant to law in connection with the transaction of public business by any agency of the state.

General Statute 132-6 states that no request to see public records can be denied because there is confidential information in the non-confidential request. Agencies must separate the confidential and non-confidential information.

The report, which cost $50,000, is to analyze the relationships between staff, council and city managers. It is to address the recent high turnover rate in city managers. It was proposed by Council member Margaret Desio before the council began its  search for a new city manager after Wayne Herron agreed with a request for his resignation by Council member Lynn Keziah on behalf of council members Ashcraft, Desio and Freddie Gordon.