Unionville opts out of voice on county EDC

Jan. 22, 2013 @ 06:19 PM

The Town of Unionville opted out of buying a seat on the combined Monroe and Union County economic development commission. 

In order to receive a county seat on the board and a vote, municipalities must pay $7,500. So far Fairview has decided to pay and Indian Trail has asked that the fee be waived. 

"There was some discussion about it and we didn't feel like there was that much benefit with what the expenditure was going to have to be," Council member Randy Baucom said. "That's why we opted out of it." 

Baucom noted that their economic development options would be limited due to the lack of access to sewer. 

"We felt like if a business did want to locate...we've already got our zoning outlays for where that could happen," Baucom said. 

The economic development merger between Monroe and Union County began forming over the summer. The board will consist of members from Union County and Monroe. The county will contribute $400,000 to the organization's budget and Monroe will contribute $300,000. There will be five staff members, with one dedicated to economic development in the county. 

Once the plan is finalized, economic development staff plans to meet with municipalities to discuss what they would like to see and what sites can be developed. 

"We don't have sewer, but we felt like we do have the zoning districts where it could happen if a business did want to locate, there is a place for it to be," Baucom said. "We just questioned whether that $7,500 would be money spent in the right place." 

Unionville's 2012-2013 budget is a little more than $275,000.