Charges against candidate dropped

Oct. 22, 2013 @ 04:46 PM

Indian Trail Town Council candidate Gary Savoie said there is more to the story of charges brought against him in 2008.

Court documents show Savoie was charged with assault on a female. The charges were brought by his ex-wife after a misunderstanding, Savoie said. A district court judge convicted him. But Savoie appealed. Before it was heard again, the ex-wife dropped the charges in February 2009 and the case was dismissed.

Savoie did not return phone calls last week because he was on vacation. But he did call back once he returned home Monday.

“I do not appreciate that this was released while I was on vacation with no input from me,” Savoie wrote in a Monday email. “This was also done with not having adequately checked out all relevant court documents and accepting incomplete documents provided by my political opponents.”

The charges stemmed from an incident when Savoie was picking up his daughter from his ex-wife. They met in a public parking lot during the day.

“As divorces are tough for children in an effort to show them that their mother and I were on good terms, after hugging them I said ‘Kisses and hugs for mommy too’ and hugged my ex-wife and then gave her a kiss,” Savoie wrote in the email.

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“Please note that this was a closed lipped peck, in the middle of the day in a parking lot with my 3 girls’ standing by their mother and my neighbor in the car.”

At the time, Savoie said his ex-wife joked about it and did not appear upset. But later, she filed charges against him.

“For some reason my ex-wife decided to file charges even though I did this in a joking manor and not to be malicious in any way.  I believe that she realized after the fact that this was not the right thing to do for us and for our 3 daughters and decided to dismiss the charges and have the case closed,” Savoie wrote.

Both he and his ex-wife kept the charges from their three daughters. People campaigning for other council candidates brought the charges to light to hurt his election chances, Savoie said.

“The allegations of prior driving infractions are true,” he wrote. “They occurred when I was an irresponsible college student, and have not been repeated in the past 25 years. I’m sure many can recall some foolish mistakes we made in our early years, that we learned from, and helped us to grow into responsible adults. I am not asking for forgiveness for my poor adolescent choice but understanding in such matters.”

Attempts to reach Savoie’s ex-wife to comment on the incident were unsuccessful.