Kilgore, Duncan win decisively

Oct. 10, 2013 @ 05:17 PM

Mayor Bobby Kilgore has won re-election. 

Kilgore received 55.48 percent of the vote, with Council member Lynn Keziah receiving 32.73 percent and Kyle Hayes receiving 11.51 percent of the vote. 

“I’m pleased with the turnout,” Kilgore said Thursday. “I certainly want to thank the folks for supporting me as they have in the past...I’ll continue to try to do the job I have done.” 

The race for city council was decidedly tighter. 

Former Police Chief Debra Duncan received 20.72 percent of the vote, receiving the most votes to win one of the three seats. 

For the other two open seats, Council member Freddie Gordon received 1,029 votes for 15.36 percent, Council member John Ashcraft received 1,028 votes for 15.35 percent and Surluta Anthony received 1,026 voted for 15.32 percent of the vote. 

Duncan watched the results come in at the Brown Derby.

“I’m very excited and looking forward to getting to work and tackling the issues,” Duncan said Tuesday night. 

Gordon was hesitant to comment Tuesday night due to the closeness of the vote. He said they will have to consult Union County Board of Elections Director John Whitley. 

Based on the unofficial numbers, Anthony and Council member Margaret Desio would be able to request a run-off, Whitley said Tuesday night.

Mathematically, anyone who received more than 1,117 votes is the winner and in this case, Duncan is the only one who received more than that number. The next top-four vote getters, Gordon, Ashcraft, Anthony and Desio would be eligible for a run-off, but the bottom two of the four, Anthony and Desio, would have to request it. 

Desio said Thursday she is not planning to request a run-off.

“My family has asked me not to,” Desio said. 

If Anthony requests a run-off, Gordon will win a seat and the run-off election will be between Anthony and Ashcraft. That is assuming that the provisional ballots do not change the number of votes and the official results remain the same as the unofficial results. 

The Union County Board of Elections will meet Tuesday, Oct. 15 at 11 a.m. in the election office at 316 B East Windsor St. in Monroe. The board will conduct the Canvass of the Monroe election and make the results official. The meeting is open to the public.

If a candidate plans to request a run-off, Whitley requested they do so Tuesday after the meeting. Otherwise, the candidates have until noon Thursday to do so in order to take early voting into account. The run-off election will be held Nov. 5. 

There were no issues with voting machines reported Tuesday night, Whitley said. 

The turnout this year was 13.99 percent. That is higher than 2009 and 2011 when the turnout was 8.5 percent, but lower than 2007 when it was 16.2 percent and 2005 when it was 15 percent. Whitley noted that 2007 was also a county-wide election, which could explain the higher turnout. 

Anthony could not be reached before press time. 

Candidate Joy Heath was not able to participate in the election or campaign due to serious issues, Gary Anderson, her campaign manager, said.