Kennel Club donates vest to MPD bloodhound

Nov. 21, 2012 @ 01:27 PM

At five years old, CJ might be the youngest patrolman on the Monroe police force. 

The bloodhound specializes in scent-discrimination man trailing. He has been used to find people and evidence. One of his higher profile cases was the DMV shooting, where he was able to recover evidence. 

He is owned and trained by Johanna Lodder, a police officer. She has been with the Monroe Police Department for four years. CJ has been active for two years. 

Last weekend, he received vests for his protection from the Monroe Kennel Club at a local dog show. The vests are to help keep him safe while he is doing his job. 

CJ is originally from West Virginia. He is currently the only canine officer on the force. 

Lodder, who has been training dogs for search and rescue for about 10 years, is CJ's partner. 

"My biggest job is to look out for his safety," Lodder said. 

CJ knows it is time to work when Lodder puts a specially-made harness on him. When he is in his collar, he is allowed to be a dog. 

"CJ is a valuable member of our department," Monroe Police Chief Debra Duncan wrote in an e-mailed statement. "He has recovered stolen property from a robbery and has successfully tracked people."  

"In one instance, an officer initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle in which there were outstanding warrants on the driver. When the driver jumped and ran, CJ flushed him out of his hiding spot," Duncan continued.

It was not always easy for CJ, though. When he was about eight weeks old and began training, he would often step on his ears and fall over while following a scent, Lodder said. 

Bloodhounds are known for their trailing ability. They have about 4 billion scent receptors, compared to about 5 million in humans. Lodder said he is able to pick up multiple scents from an item and trail them separately. 

When he is not on-duty, CJ attends regular trainings and often attends civic and community events. 

Lodder was very grateful to the kennel club for their concern with CJ's safety.