Local briefs for Feb. 20, 2013

Feb. 19, 2013 @ 06:55 PM

County to update Land Use Plan

The Union County Board of Commissioners has authorized the county manager to start the process of updating the county’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

“The Comprehensive Land Use Plan was adopted in 2010; however, it took six years to get to that point,” said County Manager Cindy Coto. “The document’s guiding principles are in pretty good shape, but the land use map does not anticipate any future growth or lay out a road map as how to manage future growth.”

“With the current Land Use Plan as it is we’re not able to properly plan,” Commissioner Todd Johnson said. “There’s going to be progress, and if we don’t adjust our Land Use Plan, we aren’t going to have any guiding principles through that growth.”

At a work session on Feb. 13, commissioners received an update on the status of the comprehensive rewrite of the county’s Unified Development Code and a review of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. By consensus, the board directed staff to proceed immediately with an update to the plan.

Commissioners deny amendment to Land Use Ordinance

The Union County Board of Commissioners has denied a text amendment to the county’s Land Use Ordinance that would allow subdividing property on private roads.

The issue was brought up at the board’s Sept. 4 meeting when concerns were expressed regarding the difficulty faced by property owners who want to subdivide more than two lots for transfer to family members. This isn’t allowed under the current county Land Use Ordinance if the lots would be served by a private road. In response to those concerns, the board initiated a text amendment that would enable the subdivision of more than two lots on a private road.

At their Nov. 5 meeting, the board reviewed the current ordinance requirements and a draft amendment prepared by county staff that would allow additional lots on a case-by-case basis with approval of a special use permit by the Union County Board of Adjustment and directed staff to seek recommendation of the county’s Planning Board.

At its Dec. 4 meeting, the Planning Board voted 5-1 to recommend that commissioners not amend the text of the Land Use Ordinance to allow additional lots on a private road with the approval of a special use permit because the county is conducting a comprehensive rewrite of its Land Use Ordinance, and the issue of subdividing property on private roads will be addressed in the rewrite. Furthermore, the proposed text amendment would result in the creation of additional lots and density on private drives without the benefit of comprehensive planning and with long-term health and safety concerns associated with this type of unplanned development.

Assault inflicting serious bodily injury.

Monroe police responded to 907 Sioux Street Feb. 17 in reference to a stabbing. Kevin Carhart told police that Beverly Vinson attacked him and cut his hand with a knife. He was taken to Carolinas Medical Center after the incident and warrants were obtained and served on Vinson, according to a Monroe Police Department Bulletin.

Injury to Real Property

Monroe police responded to 712 Creekridge Drive in Monroe on Feb. 17 in reference to property damage. The homeowner, Gregory Daugherty told police that he received a call from a neighbor about the residence  and that there were individuals damaging the rear deck. Daughter told police that when he arrived at the residence, he found that the railing leading up to the steps to the back deck had been damaged as well as four pickets around the Deck. In addition to this, he said he found signs of attempted breaking and entering on the back door. There appeared to be shoe marks on the rear door of the residence leading to the crawl space. Two juveniles were found and advised not to return to the property, according to a Monroe Police Department bulletin.

Black History event rescheduled

The Black History program planned to be presented by Kitty Wilson-Evans has been rescheduled for Sunday Feb. 24 at the Marshville Museum and Cultural Center.

Crow Street closure

The City of Monroe Engineering Department has closed the 300 block of Crow Street to through traffic due to a storm drain pipe failure within the roadway. This section of Crow Street located between East Jefferson Street and McCauley Street will be closed for at least two weeks to allow the City’s Stormwater Utility crew to replace the existing stone culvert with a concrete pipe.

The project which will also include upgrading the catch basins along the roadway will take approximately three to four weeks to complete. Once the existing culvert is replaced the roadway will be opened to allow access to the local businesses. Until this can occur, businesses on the east side of the failure should use McCauley Street and Burke Street for access.

Questions regarding this work can be directed to the City of Monroe Street Division at (704) 282-4667.

Assault inflicting injury.

Monroe police responded to 1012 Skyway Drive on Feb. 14 in reference to an assault.

When officers arrived, EMS was treating Salvador Torres for injuries. Torres told police that he was assaulted while walking on South Church Street near Talleyrand Avenue by an unknown person and that he lost his cell phone during the assault. He said the offender did not say anything to him and nothing was taken from him. He was later transported Carolinas Medical Center-Union for treatment, the investigation is continuing, according to a Monroe Police Department bulletin.

Fourteenth Annual Spaghetti Supper

Boy Scout and Cub Scout Troop 18, based in Mineral Springs United Methodist Church, will host their 14th annual spaghetti supper on Saturday, Feb. 23 from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. in the Family Life Center of the church. It is $7 to dine in or take out. The event boasts “the best homemade sauce around” and is one of the troop’s biggest fundraisers. For questions, call Volunteer Robert Beatty at 704-764-3199.

Seasonal opening of Monroe lakes

The City of Monroe Water Resources Department will open Lake Lee, Lake Monroe and Lake Twitty on March 1.

The open season will run from March 1 to approximately Nov. 1. Hours of operations are generally sunrise to sunset and can be confirmed by checking with the Lake Inspector stations at each lake. No activities are allowed on the lakes except during the hours of operation and when an inspector is on duty. The November closing date will be adjusted due to weather and other factors and will be announced approximately two weeks before the lakes close.

The operation of the City lakes is governed by City and State regulations. The City must comply with North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources drinking water regulation in operating the lakes since they are classified for use as a drinking water supply source.

If you have questions regarding the regulations governing the use of the lakes, please contact the Water Resource Department at 704-282-4601.