Demko asks council to budget for new jobs

Mar. 09, 2013 @ 04:18 PM

The 2013-2014 Monroe budget is still in its draft stages, but it could add some new positions to the government. 

Interim City Manager Greg Demko gave city council an update at the Tuesday 4 p.m. work meeting. There will be a public presentation of a completed budget in April. 

Demko hopes to add a range master, an airport manager, two street maintenance workers, a code enforcement position an electrical engineering technician, a Stormwater coordinator, two temporary gas workers and six part-time summer workers. 

“I’m not saying it’s going to be easy,” Demko told council. 

He also explained that the Aquatic and Fitness Center, which is in the enterprise fund, is starting to “skinny up” or cost more than it takes in. He would like to move the Monroe Golf Course back to the city’s general fund. 

Replacing the roof on the fitness center is an issue that many council members expressed concern about. Council member John Ashcraft commented on how there are sometimes buckets in the facility to catch water when it rains. 

There is a schedule of services for the fitness center, scheduled maintenance, Demko said. 

He would like to implement a merit-based pay raise for employees, as opposed to the budgeted bonus that was granted last year. 

Demko would also like to generate more revenue for the city, without a tax increase. He would like to promote more retail and an increase in residential housing starting costs. 

Some housing developments were abandoned during the recession, but people are starting to build again, he explained in the meeting. 

Council member Billy Jordan expressed concern about the county’s sewer and water capacity. 

In his previous update, Demko discussed the city parks and how the city should focus on four parks–Williams, Winchester, Belk-Tonawanda and Dickerson. In the other parks they could remove equipment and maintain them. 

“We’ve got nine active parks,” Demko told the council int he February meeting. “We can probably afford four.” 

Council will review the budget in an April work session. Demko hopes to have them consider and vote on a budget in May.