Steve Poston: The HeART of the Arts

Mar. 09, 2013 @ 04:20 PM

Steve Poston was the third person in Union County to be given a HeART of the Arts lifetime achievement award by the Union County Community Arts Council last weekend. 

Poston, who was nominated by Wingate University President Jerry McGee, said it was a “total shock.” 

“I was not expecting it at all,” he said. 

Poston, 66, started working with the Blooming Arts Festival about 20 years. Since then he has served on the board of the festival and served as the chair of the council for a few years. He is the director of athletics at Wingate University. 

“What I really enjoyed (was) to watch the arts opportunity grow,” Poston said. 

The education component was particularly special for him, as an educator himself, Poston said. 

“The education part is real dear to my heart,” he said. “The programming that the arts council does in most of the school...probably the thing I enjoyed doing the most...just (seeing) where blossoming artists are.” 

The award was presented to Poston at a gala. 

“It was very humbling,” he said. “To be recognized in such a way was really...I was certainly very honored to receive it, but also very humbled.”

“It wasn’t even on my radar that that was a possibility for me,” Poston said. “But I was really meant a lot to me.” 

The award is open for nominations by board members and previous recipients. Recipients must have worked consistently and steadfastly with the council for at least 10 years, made one or more outstanding contribution or a series of contributions to promote the arts in the county, must have volunteered and demonstrated an impact or has lead or inspired others to contribute to the arts in the county. 

“I think it was a very well-deserving award for Steve,” Barbara Faulk, executive director of the Union County Community Arts Council, said. “He dedicated many years to encouraging the arts all across the country.” 

“He is a strong advocate for the arts, not only in our organization, but at Wingate University as well,” Faulk said. 

Though Poston is currently not active on the board, he is still a strong supporter of the arts, he said. 

“I continue to admire and support the arts,” he said. “I still continue to support (the arts council’s) mission in the county and really believe that if you’re going to improve the quality of life in a community, the arts has to be a big part of that.” 

Previous recipients of the award are Theater Teacher Larry Robinson and Attorney Koy Dawkins.