Yercheck describes suit as ‘distraction,’ ‘annoyance’

Jun. 28, 2013 @ 11:25 AM

On June 19 County Manager Cindy Coto sent a public records request for the pending June 24 meeting. 

The request was 19 bullet points of records and line-item expenditures dating back to 2006. 

On June 26, the county filed a lawsuit against the school system seeking the information, according to a statement released by the county. 

“It’s just a distraction,” Board of Education Chairman Richard Yercheck said. “This is just an annoyance. The material they asked for, 19 bulletpoints of fairly detailed information going back to 2006, takes a little time to put together.” 

Yercheck said many staff members were out Wednesday morning when the system was notified. They began collecting the information Wednesday afternoon and continued gathering it on Thursday. The system is closed on Friday as part of a summer cost-saving schedule. When staff returned Monday, they continued gathering the information. until the meeting. 

“We’re happy to give them the information and a lot of that information they probably already have,” Yercheck said. “We’ve submitted from 2006 going forward all that budget information...they’ve got a lot of that.” 

Yercheck said the staff is continuing to work to fulfill the request. 

“We’re not slowing down, we’ve got people working as fast as they can,” he said. 

After the information is gathered, legal counsel is reviewing the information since it will be used in mediation and possibly in a trial, Yercheck said. He added that the review adds another layer of time to the request. 

In an affidavit, County Finance Officer said it would take about two days to collect the information requested. 

Yercheck said that was “one man’s opinion.” 

Yercheck sees the motion as a distraction. 

“As we were trying to work through this process...they’re just upping the ante,” he said. “It’s nonsense. There’s nothing to it. They’re getting the information and it’s just another headache in a line of headaches.” 

Union County Public Schools’ Outside Counsel Richard Schwartz could not be reached before deadline.