County has 4,716 Title III students

Jul. 04, 2013 @ 04:14 PM

The Union County Board of Education heard an update on the federal Title III program in Union County.

Title III is a federal program that provides language support for immigrant students or who students who are not proficient in English.

This year, the program received $265,485 from the federal government, which is a $3,426 increase from last year, Assistant Superintendent of Auxiliary Services Shelton Jefferies told the board. They received about $1.5 million from the state, which is a decrease of $55,057 from last year. 

The amount of funding is based on a formula from the number of limited-English proficiency and immigrant students in each state, as determined by the census and state-issues surveys. 

As of May of this year, Union County Public Schools had 4,716 national origin minority students who spoke 59 different languages. The predominant languages were Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese. 

Limited English proficiency students are enrolled in 51 of the 53 schools, Jefferies said in a presentation. 

Currently 2,150 are served by the English as a second language program. 

Rock Rest Elementary School has the highest amount of limited-English proficient students with 242. Other schools with the highest populations include Benton Heights Elementary School of the Arts, Walter Bickett Elementary School, Monroe Middle School, East Elementary, Monroe High School and Wingate Elementary School. 

New enrollment as of May was 265 students. Students are enrolled through a centrally located support center, which provides information and a proficiency assessment.

Like most federal programs, there is a strong parental engagement aspect. 

The board also heard updates on the Title I program and the Academically and Intellectually Gifted program. Superintendent Mary Ellis commended staff for working collaboratively on the programs.