Indian Trail students get their hands dirty learning about nature

Mar. 05, 2013 @ 05:19 PM

Students in the Indian Trail Elementary Afterschool Program have been getting their hands dirty and learning about gardening this past year. 

“We’re really excited,” Nancy Adams, Indian Trail Afterschool Program Coordinator, said. “It’s working out real well.” 

The program started around September and the youth garden club meets about once a month. 

“They’re learning about the environment,” Adams said. “They love it. They look forward to it...with their presentations, there’s always so many people with their hands up.” 

Local master gardeners and members of the Monroe Garden Club come and give presentations to the children. They also 

Recently, Master Gardener Annie Howell gave a presentation called, “Predator, Pollinator or Impersonator?” Where the students learned about different insects and their purposes in the garden. 

The students also learned about gourds and how they can be dried to make birdhouses. They learned about ecology, conservation and other topics. Soon they will use Mason jars to make a terrarium. 

There are 81 children in the program. Some months they break into smaller groups and sometimes they all stay together. The last few meetings, there were 70 to 73 kids in attendance. 

“We do enjoy it and we are learning about our environment,” Adams said. “It’s nice that it’s somewhat academic and still fun.” 

The kids “have fun digging in the dirt” she said. In the past they have planted a lot of bulbs. 

“I think they really enjoyed the insects,” Adams said. “They really got to hold stuff and look at stuff up close.” 

Adams is very appreciative of the Monroe Garden Club and the local master gardeners who assist the youth garden.