Preliminary injunction denied

Jul. 23, 2014 @ 12:38 PM

Superior Court Judge Lucy Inman denied the motion for a preliminary injunction against the redistricting plan Wednesday. 

The case, Kim Hillegas, et al. v Union County Board of Education and Union County Public Schools, was filed over the redistricting plan approved earlier this year. The case alleges that the process leading to the vote violated the open meetings laws of North Carolina and that the slowness in responding to public records requests violated the public records laws. 

"Based on all evidence submitted to date, the Court finds no basis to conclude that the approval of the reassignment plan was unconstituational and/or arbitrary or capricious," the judgement read. 

"The Court acknowledges the impact of the reassignment plan on Plaintiffs and their frustration with the process by which the Board of Education adopted the plan," the judgement concluded. "It appears to the undersigned that Plaintiffs' complaints 'raise questions essentially political in nature, and the remedy, if any, is at the ballot box.'" 

The quote came from the Coggins v. Board of Education of Durham case. 

More in the Friday paper.