Middle schoolers get lessons in light, science

Apr. 25, 2013 @ 05:08 PM

Sixth-grade students at Monroe Middle School were treated to a dazzling display of lights and science this week. 

Jeff Bassett, a Discovery Place educator, came to the school to show the sixth grade classes the properties of light. Students experienced first-hand how to bend light, how the eye works, color-blindness and other light-related activities. 

The experience was sponsored in part by Monroe-based Goulston Technologies, Inc. 

“Since we’re a science company, we think science education is important,” Dale Stoller, director of operations, said. 

Goulston Technologies reached out to Union County Public Schools and Laurel Healy, director of middle school education, connected it with Monroe Middle School. 

“We are very involved in community involvement,” Veronica McKinney, manager of human resources for Goulston Technologies, said. 

Stoller said the partnership with the school system is ongoing as far as the company is concerned. 

The students were mesmerized by the lights and other hands-on activities. They listened closely to the presenter and worked diligently at all the stations. 

Johnson Hubbard, 11, was enjoying the special presentation. 

“It’s a lot of fun,” he said. 

His favorite part was the station dealing with eyesight, where he got to see what the inside of an eye looks like. 

Hubbard said he likes science “a lot,” particularly the projects. 

While he likes science, though, he said he would rather be a doctor when he grows up.