Retirees have 1,912 years of experience

Jun. 05, 2014 @ 04:12 PM

As the 2013-2014 school year comes to a close, Union County Public Schools will witness the retirement of 95 individuals, taking with them a combined 1,912 years of experience.The average length of service for the retirees was approximately 20 years. Twelve of the retirees had served more than 30 years.The retirees were honored May 29, 2014, at a dinner held at the Union County Agriculture Center on Presson Drive.Superintendent Dr. Mary Ellis said no matter what their role; administrator, teacher, teacher assistant, cafeteria worker, office worker, bus driver or custodian; everyone played an important role in the education of children.“No matter what your job description, we’re all called to love children and to make it a better world for them,” Ellis said. “You embody the best of that.”The educator with the most years of service was Dana Crosson, the UCPS Race to the Top Coordinator, who has retired after 34 years in education.Union County Retired School Personnel member Carolyn Lowder, a former educator and Board of Education member, spoke on the benefits of joining the retiree organization.The Marvin Ridge High School Women’s Ensemble, under the leadership of Debby Lutz, performed “Popular” and “Don’t Rain on My Parade.The Parkwood High School Air Force JROTC, under the leadership of SMSgt. William Reid, offered the presentation of colors and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.For a complete list of the UCPS employees who retired between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014, go to the UCPS website.


Susan Payne, Teacher, 4.5 yearsRoosevelt Daniel, Teacher Asst., 5 yearsSylvia Thibault, Teacher, 5 yearsTommy Hinson, Custodian 5.5 yearsDavid A. Knight, Bus Monitor, 5.5 yearsElizabeth Gaither, Teacher, 6 yearsKathy Heyse, Teacher, 6 yearsLinda O’Keeffe, Teacher, 6.5 yearsVella Deese, Bus Driver, 7 yearsMichael Staton, Teacher, 7 yearsRonald Burnette, HVAC Technician, 7.5 yearsMary Davis, CN Assistant, 8 yearsGermaine Lockman, CN Assistant, 8 yearsRebecca Tull, Teacher Assistant, 8 yearsJanet Tucker, Bookkeeper, 9 yearsJoyce Wooten, CN Assistant, 9 yearsSandra Lakatos, Teacher, 9.5 yearsMaria Hilton, CN Assistant, 10 yearsMartha Lynn, Teacher, 10 yearsCarolyn Piercy, Teacher Assistant, 10 yearsKaren Teague, Teacher Assistant, 10.5 yearsJoanne Cape, Teacher, 12 yearsBarbara Claybrooks, Teacher, 12 yearsAnne Eason, After School Group Ldr, 12 yearsChristine Fedewa, Teacher Assistant, 12 yearsValerie Wilkison, Teacher Assistant, 12 yearsRebecca Griffin, Bus Driver, 12.5 yearsJudy Blanchard, CN Assistant, 13 yearsKaren Helms, CN Assistant, 13 yearsLinda Klein, Teacher, 13 yearsPatricia Potter, Therapist, 13 yearsKaren Hoerl, Teacher Assistant, 14 yearsMary Robinson, Media Specialist, 14 yearsChristine Lindsey, Custodian, 15.5 yearsJune Rowell, CN Assistant, 16 yearsJoel High, Supply Technician, 17 yearsTeresa Byrum, Program Coord., 17.5 yearsDavid A. Knight, HVAC Technician, 17.5 yearsMary Cordell, Teacher, 18 yearsKenneth Turchy, Maintenance Foreman, 18 yrsElizabeth Foster, Teacher, 19 yearsKaren Holshouser, Teacher Assistant, 19.5 yrsHilary Petta, Assistant Principal, 19.5 yearsStebie Wells Thompson, Teacher, 20 yearsSally Quedenfeld, Teacher, 20 yearsJanet Smith, Teacher, 20.5 yearsBertha Chambers, Secretary, 21 yearsSusan Marshall, Teacher, 21 yearsDeborah Coley, Teacher, 22 yearsWanda Staton, Teacher Assistant, 22 yearsBruce Vinton, Teacher, 22.5 years Jane Wade, Principal 23.5 yearsJoy Baucom, Bus Driver, 24 yearsScarlett Belk, Teacher Assistant, 24 yearsSherry Keziah, Payroll Accountant, 24 yearsNanette Saunders, Guid. Counselor, 24 yearsWilliam Suttle, Teacher, 24 yearsConnie Williams, Curriculum Coord., 24 yearsDr. Roger Ashford, Dir. of Support Svcs., 24.5 yrs Jerome Myles, Guid. Counselor, 25 yearsJanet McRorie, Teacher, 26 yearsJoAnn Osborn, Teacher, 26 yearsTamara Pederson, Teacher, 26 yearsJulia Bradshaw, Teacher, 26.5 yearsCathy Wilder, Assistant Principal, 27 yearsKim Medlin, Teacher, 27.5 yearsVicki Lynch, Teacher, 28 yearsColleen Salter, Media Specialist, 28 yearsMary Jo Breckenridge, Principal, 28.5 yearsRobyn Pautz, Teacher Assistant, 28.5 yearsRosalyn Simpson, Teacher, 28.5 yearsTeri Marsh, Teacher, 29 yearsMargaret Proctor, Principal, 29 yearsJessie Haigler, Bookkeeper, 29.5 yearsBrenda Baker, Teacher, 30 yearsRandy Boob, Assistant Principal, 30 yearsKathy Cooper, School Counselor, 30 yearsKathy Deese, Teacher, 30 yearsDonna Price, CN Assistant, 30 yearsGlenda Rape, EC Preschool Coord., 30 yearsEdward Rivers, Teacher, 30 yearsFrances Toledano, Teacher, 30 yearsHarry Braun, Teacher, 31 yearsRaymond Fumo, Teacher, 31 yearsKaren Rampey, Teacher, 31.5 yearsKathy Baker, Teacher, 32 yearsFaye Hinshaw, Teacher, 32 yearsJudy Rape, Admin. Assistant, 32 yearsKaren Rowe, Teacher, 32 yearsBettye Bailey, Teacher, 33 yearsLouVonne Ennis, Transp. Specialist, 33 yearsAlice Morrow, CN Assistant Mgr, 33 yearsRita Webb, Principal, 33 yearsDana Crosson, RttT Facilitator, 34 years

Note: Years of service are for N.C. only

This article was written by Deb Coates Bledsoe and provided courtesy of the Communications Office of the Union County Public Schools.