Couple lights up neighborhood for Christmas

Dec. 08, 2012 @ 02:58 PM

For two years now, CW Smith and Jane Fuller have filled the outside of their home with Christmas lights and decorations and this year, are raising money for Turning Point.

Their home, which is at 1015 Forest Drive in Marshville, is often lit up throughout the week from 6 p.m.- 9 p.m.

They encourage people to stop by to see the house while at the same time offer them hot cocoa, cookies and the opportunity to add money to a donation jar for Turning Point, a local organization that works to help women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

"We invite people to just come down and enjoy it and we play music," Smith said.

Last year neighbors wrote letters thanking them for their light display and helping to bring in the holiday season. This year they've expanded the number of lights and other decorations on and around their home and are still adding more. They also have a small snowball fighting area set up for children with Styrofoam snowballs. The reason him and Fuller chose to do so much with their home for the holidays is because they enjoy seeing the reaction of people to it and the happy faces of adults and children who come by, he said.

"You see kids drive by and their faces and when they roll down the window they say 'Nice house mister, thank you, Merry Christmas'," he said.

Him and Fuller began setting up the Christmas decorations not long after Halloween and had their lights and other decorations set up during Marshville's recent tree lighting. Many came by that day to see the lights and decorations and have continued coming by ever since.

"I just enjoy doing it, it's fun. People come by and look at it and they think I'm crazy for putting up all the lights but they smile," he said.

He enjoys putting up the lights and decorations because it makes people happy. As of this past week he wasn't exactly sure of the number of lights he had on his house but worked to continue adding more and other decorations. He will likely continue adding to it up until Christmas Eve, he said.

"I'm using five circuits, my porch alone is 4,000 lights. I lost track after 14,000 (lights) and I've added at least 3,000 (lights) more since then," he said last week.

He recently added a shooting star to the light display and as of last week all the lights and everything were still working well and he hadn't blown any of the circuits he was using. For his lights and decorations, he doesn't have a specific theme he follows but works to try to have a little bit of everything people would like, he said.

"To see a smile on peoples' faces any time of year is great but to see a smile this time of year means more than anything. It's just a great feeling to make people laugh," he said.

They choose to collect donations for Turning Point in addition to encouraging people to come by and see the lights and decorations because they felt it was a great organization to help and show support for this time of year, he said.

"I enjoy it and it's so much fun to put them (the lights) up and to give our neighbors some smiles and giggles. We figured it was part of being part of the community and being able to share with people," Fuller said in reference to the lights and other decorations on their home.

To her, she sees this time of year as a good time to be light hearted, smile and be happy, which is why she enjoys the many decorations on and around their home. In addition to the outside of the house, the inside of the home is also heavily decorated for Christmas, she said.

"When the kids come through, their little eyes get big, and they have smiles on their faces," she said.

It makes a lot of happy little memories, she said.