Waxhaw Museum launches lecture series

Sep. 03, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

The Museum of Waxhaws and Andrew Jackson Memorial along with the Waxhaw Weddington Sunrise Rotary Club announce the first speaker of the New Waxhaw Lecture Series-“Listen and Learn” to be George McDonald. McDonald moved to Mint Hill, N.C. in 1984 and is known as the “The Mint Hill Prospector.” He will address the history and heritage of gold mining in North Carolina.
McDonald’s Web site states, “Gold prospecting in the United States began in Cabarrus County, North Carolina over 200 years ago in 1803 after 12 year old Conrad Reed decided to skip church one Sunday in 1799 and go fishing in the Little Meadow Creek near Georgeville where he found a shiny 17 pound rock. He took the rock home and his family used the unusual yellow rock as a door stop for several years.” Later it was documented as gold the Web site goes on to say—the first documented discovery of gold in the United States.
The new lecture series will offer a wide range of historical and current topics. Any income received will benefit the Museum and “Polio Plus,” the Rotary International program to eradicate polio worldwide.
Michael Lanphier, president of the Museum of the Waxhaws Board of Directors says, “We were pleased with the successful launch of the Lecture Series last spring and feel that the series will now be enjoyed by more people and provide a significant educational benefit for this region. We are honored to host the series.”
Arthur Lightbody, known around the Waxhaw region for his portrayals as Andrew Jackson in one-man shows, and a Waxhaw-Weddington Sunrise Club Rotarian, will again act as emcee. He comments, “This is a green event for Union County residents. It provides an alternative to buying gas and driving to Charlotte to learn!”
The October 20 program will highlight “How We got our English Bible. Arthur Lightbody will portray Oxford University’s 14th century Dr. John Wycliffe and provide a history of the first English Bible.  Dr. James Pohlig of Wingate University will speak on the history and political issues surrounding the King James Bible. The November 17 program will feature Catawba Indian culture and pottery.
Tickets can be purchased online on http://museumofthewaxhaws.org in advance for $7.00, with a $4.00 discounted cost for full-time students at any level. Reservations are suggested. If you do not register on-line call Arthur Lightbody at 704-843-6048 to secure your reservation as space may be limited.
The Museum of the Waxhaws is located at 8215 Waxhaw Highway just east of Waxhaw, N.C. proper. The Museum of the Waxhaws highlights the history of the early Scotch-Irish settlers to this region and the history surrounding our 7th president, Andrew Jackson.