Keziah: City could have manager Monday

May. 18, 2013 @ 02:47 PM

Monroe could have a new city manager as soon as Monday.

City Council had a reception for the finalists on Thursday. On Thursday and Friday the finalists interviewed one-on-one with each council member, then with the body as a whole.

Council met with four finalists. There were initially six, but two finalists withdrew, Council member Lynn Keziah said.

"I thought we had six good interviews with six different people and Monday, hopefully, we'll make a decision one way or the other," Keziah said. "I thought all six did a nice job on their interview."

Due to the anonymity promised in the job hunt, there will not be a reception with the finalists for the public. 

Keziah anticipates a decision by 4 p.m. Monday if the council can come to a decision.

"You never know until you get in there," Keziah said. "If everybody, or enough, agree on one particular candidate, I'm sure that person will be offered the job...hopefully we can move on forward."

Former City Manager Wayne Herron resigned last summer after a dispute about offering a bonus to the Police Chief Debra Duncan and the revelation that his wife may have made a threatening phone call to Duncan's office. Assistant City Manager Greg Demko has been serving as the interim.

The job hunt began in February, after the results from a $50,000 study examining the city's turnover rate with managers was conducted. The study, performed by Anthony Fox with Parker Poe, interviewed staff and council members to examine the dynamic between the council and the manager.