Inspiration marks sixth annual MLK talent show

Jan. 21, 2013 @ 05:59 PM

Five acts showed off their talents at the sixth annual Martin Luther King, Jr. youth talent contest. 

Children showed off their singing and dancing skills for hundreds of people gathered in the Winchester Gym on Monday afternoon. 

The winners were dancers Union Springs A.M.E. Zion Church in Monroe. They won $100, which they said would go into their church treasury. 

The dance troupe has been together for about four years. There are currently five dancers. Vibrina Cureton leads the group. 

"I was elated," Cureton said. "There were many feelings because we came to bring a message." 

Cureton said the dance, called "Take Me," was meant to convey a message of redemption and reconciliation, particularly since she knew there would be many young people in the audience. 

They wanted to let the young people know that God is there, even if they make a wrong turn in life, she said. 

When asked if she thought the message was conveyed, she said "I hope so."

Sandra Coble, the emcee of the talent show and a committee member of the Martin Luther King, Jr., Inc. nonprofit, enjoyed the event. 

"It's just awesome that the youth came out," Coble said. "All of our events were just perfect." 

There were fewer acts this year, Coble said. She supposed that some families were watching the inauguration instead of coming to the show. 

However, she noticed a few new faces and new acts. 

"We're glad they came," Coble said. She added that it means people are spreading the word about the event.

President Mary Harrell was pleased with the youth contest and all of the events held throughout the weekend.

"It was great," Harrell said. "The art, dance and everything. It was real great." 

Second place and a prize of $75 went to six-year-old Jamarion Barrino. Third place and a prize of $50 went to sisters Omega and Sachiya Brown. 

"Nobody's a loser here, because everyone's taking home something," Coble said as they presented the acts and announced the winners. 

The judges were Monroe Mayor Bobby Kilgone, Monroe Police Chief Debra Duncan and Marshville Council member Margaret Bivens. 

The event also hosted a raffle, giving away a $25 Wal-Mart gift card and a $25 gift card for