School board to look at high school curriculum updates

Jan. 07, 2013 @ 06:25 PM

The Union County Board of Education meets Tuesday to discuss budget amendments and transfers, the budget calendar, the high school program of studies, a Telemedicine pilot project and other items.

The high school program of studies, which can be found on the school board website, gives details about the future-ready core curriculum and the occupational prep curriculum. The school board will be voting to approve the program. 

The information offered covers graduation requirements, classes offered, information about grades and class rank and other aspects of high school education. 

"The expectation is that all students fulfill their potential by participating in rigorous courses, developing higher level thinking skills, and exploring career choices. It is the goal of Union County Public Schools that these expectations will establish the preparation necessary to meet requirements in order for students to experience success and to meet global standards of competition beyond high school," Superintendent Mary Ellis wrote in the cover letter. 

The board will receive information and approve a "blended learners" personalized learning infrastructure. 

The county did not receive the Race to the Top grant they applied for near the end of 2012. However, Ellis and staff plan to move forward with certain learning initiatives. Those initiatives include learner-driven classrooms, mobile learning, business and university partnerships and other initiatives. 

The board will hear about Strategic Priority 5: family, business and community members involved and supportive of our schools. 

The board will hear about and vote on a Telemedicine Pilot Project, a cart that will aid with medical care. 

There will be a public comment section in the beginning of the meeting where members of the public can come and speak to the board. 

The Union County Board of Education will meet Tuesday night at 7 p.m. at Marshville Elementary School, 515 North Elm Street.