Indian Trail votes on USCO contract Thursday

Mar. 06, 2013 @ 05:33 PM

The Indian Trail Town Council meets Thursday evening to vote on a revised four-year contract with the Union County Sheriff's Office for town law enforcement coverage.
It is the first time the council has met since a heated argument about the contract last month.
The council began planning negotiations with Sheriff Eddie Cathey over renewing the current contract for coverage by 19 deputies paid for by the town. After submission of a draft contract asking for ownership of equipment used by deputies contracted by the town and other expanded powers, Cathey responded with an email rejecting the council's proposal.
On Feb. 16, council members came close to ending contract negotiations and beginning formation of a town police department. Mayor Michael Alvarez broke a tie by voting against that measure, though he stated his support for a police force earlier in the meeting.
After a period of communication between council members and the sheriff, the county delivered a new draft contract to the town. Except for a few changes, it remains similar to the current contract.
Among the new language is a provision stating that by signing the contract, parties "do not intend to create any obligations express or implied other than those set out herein." It also states that official communication between parties be in writing and delivered in person or by U.S. Mail.
The Indian Trail Town Council meets at 6:30 p.m. Thursday in the civic building.