City water rated good

Jun. 08, 2013 @ 04:48 PM

Monroe’s water received another good report card for 2012. 

“We’ve always generally met all the state and federal standards,” Russell Colbath, the director of water resources for Monroe, said. “This year’s report says we met every requirement, there’s no violations or deficiencies from the state or federal standards.”

According to a brochure sent to residents, there are no violations in any category. Categories include inorganic contaminants, synthetic organic chemical contaminants including pesticides and herbicides, lead and copper, total organic carbon and disinfectants and disinfection byproducts contaminants.

Monroe’s three lakes, Twitty, Lee and Monroe, remain on the impaired water list. The impaired status means the raw water quality does not meet state standards.

The department encourages people to use fertilizer sparingly, do not fertilize before a rain storm, have your soil tested, pick up pet waste and use a drop spreader among other suggestions.

Colbath said the water situation in the lakes was decades in the making and will not be solved overnight. They are working with buffers and stormwater, but those are long-term strategic initiatives, he said.

“It’s a technical business,” Colbath said. “There’s a lot of standards. We meet all those standards.”

Colbath hopes that residents would not think twice about drinking water from their tap or garden hose.

“Have confidence in your tap water,” Colbath said. “We are doing a great job meeting those standards.”

Though the government warns that some people may be more vulnerable to contaminants than the general copulation. Including people who are immuno-compromised, some elderly and infants. There are guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency for people who may be more vulnerable.

“Tap water’s a great deal,” Colbath said. “It’s free and available and people should appreciate that.”