Brother seeks information concerning 1992 cold case

Jun. 10, 2013 @ 11:07 AM

In 1992, Hubert Teal, Jr. was found dead at Cottage Oaks Apartments in Monroe.
Almost 21 years later, his brother James Teal and others in his family continue to look for answers about the circumstances surrounding his death.
Except for a police report from the day he died, and a report of a good Samaritan finding Hubert on the side of a road in the Wingate-Marshville area, the Teal family and police, do not have much information about what happened to him tor what led to his death.

“It’s been a long time and our family needs closure,” James Teal said.
Hubert was his older brother and they were very close. He heard that his brother was somehow attacked before he was found on the side of the road, then taken to the hospital and died days later. He, his parents and others in his family have gotten much older since Hubert’s death and they really want to find answers to what happened, he said.
“Somebody knows something, it’s been years,” he said.
According to a police report from the Monroe Police Department, which in 1992 was known as the Monroe Public Safety Department, on Oct. 18, 1992, the department received a call to respond to Cottage Oaks Apartment 3. When officers arrived, they found a black man lying face down on the floor next to his bed. There were no vital signs and the tenant of the apartment, Kenneth Ray Saulter, reported that the victim, Hubert Teal, Jr., 35, had been staying with him for the last two days. Saulter told officers that at 2:30 a.m. that morning, he was woken up by the noise of Hubert having seizures. Hubert had been sitting in the bed shaking violently and after he stopped shaking, he fell out of the bed and onto the floor. Saulter attempted to help him back into the bed, but Hubert began shaking again. Saulter thought he would just let him sleep there but when he woke up at 6 a.m., he went to wake Hubert up and could not get him awake. Saulter then called 911 and Hubert was taken to Union Memorial Hospital by Union County EMS per authority of a Dr. Springs.
Information obtained from Union Memorial Hospital shows that Hubert was seen there on Oct. 3, 1992.  At that time, he said that he had been assaulted and was found beside the road by a good Samaritan and brought to the hospital. No report of the assault was found.  Hubert was later transferred to Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte with a diagnosis of intracerebral bleeding. He was released from Carolinas Medical Center on October 10, 1992. He was seen again at Union Memorial Hospital on Oct. 11, 1992 complaining of headaches. Medical Examiner Dr. Springs came to the E.R. and spoke with the officer who responded to the Cottage Oaks Apartments on Oct. 18 about the case. Hubert’s body was examined and later sent to Chapel Hill for autopsy and his family was contacted, according to the police report.
Bobby Haulk, who now works with the Waxhaw Police Department, worked to investigate the case in 1992.
Besides the information in the police report and a report that there was a possible incident involving Teal in what’s known as “The Hill” area of Wingate before he was found on the side of the road, there is not a lot known about the case and what led to Teal’s death, Haulk said.
While Union County Crime Stoppers offers up to $5,000 to people who provide anonymous information that leads to the felony arrest of criminals and fugitives, James Teal is offering an additional $1,000 to help encourage people to come forward with information about what happened to his brother.
He describes his brother as a fun loving and outgoing person. Finding out that his brother had died was shocking and devastating for him. His mother will soon be turning 80 years old and with his mother and others in his family getting older, he really wants to find out what led to his brother’s death, James Teal said.
“Whoever is responsible for this, I just wish that they could take into consideration how our family must feel after all these years of not knowing exactly what happened to our loved one and we just want some closure. It’s been a long time now and I actually don’t know who did it but if I were to come face to face with the person who did it, I would forgive, I have a forgiving heart,” he said.
He added that time heals all wounds and though he does feel some resentment toward what happened to his brother he really just wants to know why.

Anyone with information about Hubert Teal, Jr., his death or the incident that led to him being found on the side of the road in 1992, can call Union County Crime Stoppers at 704-283-5600 or the Monroe Police Department at 704-282-4700.