Town picks manager for park project

Jan. 25, 2013 @ 05:34 PM

The Indian Trail Town Council chose Woolpert, Inc. as the project manager for their new, 140-acre park near Sardis Elementary. 

Park funding will come from the 2012 bond referendum, donations, sponsors and potential grant money.

Staff interviewed multiple companies that responded to their request for qualifications notice.

"We took the proposals and we interviewed a couple different firms and Woolpert has a high level of expertise in doing largwer parks," Indian Trail Town Manager Joe Fivas said. "They did a new park in Pineville, they're working on a park in Matthews, they did a very large Manchester Meadows in Rock Hill, they did a large park in Gastonia and some of those had some good sporting venues."

The planning process is in its infantile stages and they have not started estimating costs for the park or for Woolpert, Inc.

"We still have not determined (Woolpert, Inc's fee)," Fivas said. "This was just authorization to begin discussions with them on their costs."

The cost will be driven by what staff and council want to do with the park, Fivas said.

"This is just the beginning, this is just the people to start the process and we haven't gotten into any of the designs," he said. 

At this point, they are planning on developing the park in phases instead of developing all 140 acres at once.

"Hopefully we'll begin the first part in the summer," Fivas said.

The council discussed including a very large playground, a dog park, walking trails and a large entrance as part of the first phase.

As the project manager, Woolpert, Inc. will work with council and staff to come up with the designs for the park. They will do the engineering work and lay things out and they will put out the requests for proposals with contractors. 

"It's still at a very preliminary stage," Fivas said. 

As the steps go on, they will get the scope of the project, he added. 

Woolpert, Inc. is headquartered in Ohio and has a Charlotte office.