Waxhaw begins water tower restoration

Jan. 29, 2013 @ 06:27 PM

The historic restoration of Waxhaw’s iconic elevated water tower on McDonald Street in downtown Waxhaw has begun. The Waxhaw Water Tower is a 49,000 gallon stainless steel elevated water tank, built by Taylor Iron Works out of Macon, GA in December 1940. The tank was used for many years as part of the town’s water supply system. It was conveyed to Union County Public Works in 1987 and was still operational for many years until new ground water tanks were built on Sims Road in Waxhaw.

“For many seeing the Waxhaw Water Tank in view symbolizes coming home,” said Michael McLaurin, Waxhaw Town Manager. “Many photographs are taken with the water tank in the background. It definitely is a historic icon of the community.”

The most visibly interesting part of the restoration will begin in approximately three weeks when the tank will be entirely covered by a curtain and the sandblasting of the tank’s exterior will begin. Prior to that time, repairs will be made to the tank’s steel parts, joints, sway roads, manhole covers, gaskets and tank cover. Sandblasting of the inside of the tank will then begin and take approximately 4 good weather days to complete. After repairs are complete, the tank will be painted the same color and the word WAXHAW repainted in the original font style.

The restoration work was awarded to Utility Service, a water tank maintenance and repair company located in Boiling Springs, SC since 1963. The total project will take between 8-12 weeks to complete. The Town of Waxhaw signed a 10-year agreement with Utility Service for the restoration and maintenance of the water tank with a total cost of $266,595.00 for the total life of the ten year agreement. This includes an annual inspection and repainting in year nine.

For public safety, all onlookers will not be permitted to enter the gravel lot at the corner of McDonald and Providence streets during the restoration project. Though Utility Service makes every effort to contain the sand and debris during the restoration process, welding and sandblasting equipment will be in operation. Occasional sand, smoke and falling debris are possible.


Regular updates will be provided at www.waxhaw.com, www.Facebook.com/townwaxhaw and Twitter.