'Arthur' Helms' last auction is his own

Nov. 23, 2012 @ 03:14 PM

The auctioning of the property of George "Arthur" Helms Jr. brought back fond members of the well-known Monroe man to his family and friends Friday.

Helms, who went by the name "Arthur," died in August at the age of 78. 

He was a collector of farm equipment and had gathered a number of items over the years that he still had when he died. His collection was auctioned  beginning at 9 a.m. Friday at his home at 2310 Doster Road. 

He had so much stuff that they weren't sure what to do with it all and chose to auction it as a way to raise money to help pay for medical bills and funeral arrangements, Annette Greene, Helms' niece, said.

She along with Helms' brother, nephews and other family members were present at the auction Friday morning.

"He worked for the city (Monroe) for 34 years in utilities and was an avid Mason," Greene said in reference to her uncle's history.

During his life, Helms was a regular at auctions conducted by Hinson's Auction, the same company conducting Friday's auction.

"Mr. Arthur was a happy go lucky man," Ted Hinson of Hinson's Auction said.

Helms had attended his auctions for around 40 years and he remembers him well. He remembers the smile Helms often had on his face and how he would always stand in the same spot every auction, Hinson said.

"Mr. Helms was a great man," he said.

Besides being known through the auction community, Helms was also well known in the Masonic community and was often referred to as King Arthur by his Masonic brothers, Allison Hinson, Helms' nephew, said.

Interested buyers browsed the items laid out throughout Helm's farm for the auction before it started at 9 a.m. Various tools, tractor parts and other items were available at the auction Friday. Some attending the event said they knew of Helms but didn't know him personally while others said they came to see what items were available at the auction.

"My husband likes the gun sales," Lynn Mcquage, said in reference to why she chose to attend the auction.

She and many other local people were present at the event as well as others who traveled from farther locations to attend.

"I heard about it on the internet," Patrick Kelly, who drove from Broadway to attend, said.

He often visits auctions and didn't mind the approximately three-hour drive to Monroe for it.  He was also interested in it as well because he heard Helms was a Mason and he himself is one too, Kelly said.

The auction will continue Saturday beginning at 9 a.m. at the 2310 Doster Road location. Items planned to be auctioned off Saturday include larger items such as tractors, vehicles and others. All items must be paid for in full the day of the auction. For more information call 704-485-4906 or 704-485-4033. You can also visit www.hinsonauction.com, according to an event flier.