Marshville sets mixed beverage referendum

Jul. 25, 2013 @ 04:37 PM

In November, Marshville residents will get to vote on liquor in the town.

The vote will come in the form of a mixed beverage referendum on the general election ballot.

According to a copy of the referendum, Marshville residents will vote on whether or not to permit the operation of ABC stores in the town as well as whether or not to permit the sale of mixed beverages in hotels, restaurants, private clubs, community theaters and convention centers.

The decision to add the referendum to the ballet came during Marshville town council’s July 5 meeting in which council members voted 4 to 1 with Council member Matthew Jefferson voting against, to place the mixed beverage referendum on the ballot, Amanda Reid, Marshville’s town manager, said.

If the referendum does pass, the town will still have to follow ABC regulations and guidelines when it comes to putting it into effect, she said.

Some council members who voted in favor of the referendum said they felt it is something that may not have much effect on the town now but will be important for it to have in the future.

“It may not affect it (Marshville) right away but it will be a good tool in the toolbox as we go forward trying to get into a position to try to bring businesses to Marshville, restaurants and higher end restaurants. If we have that in place, that will just be another tool in the toolbox,” Mayor Frank Deese said in reference to the mixed beverage referendum passing.

Council Member Norma Carpenter had similar thoughts on the issue and said she feels that it will be very important to have something in place in the future, especially when the proposed Monroe Bypass is built.

“I think it needs to be in place, it won’t make a difference now but will in the future,” she said.

Jefferson, who voted against adding the referendum to the November ballet, was once in favor of allowing the sale of mixed beverages and possibly an ABC store in the town but has since changed his thoughts about it.

“I had a change of heart and I don’t think that it’s the best for me or my constituents. I had a spiritual revival within myself so I don’t feel that that’s the best for me or for Marshville, Jefferson said.

For more information about Marshville’s referendum or other Union County election info, visit the Union County Board of Elections website at