Casino Night bets high to benefit the ARC

Dec. 10, 2012 @ 05:36 PM

The fifth annual Casino Night was a success for The Arc of Union County. 

The sold out event had 190 people in attendance. 

"We're extremely happy with the outcome," Melinda Plue, executive director of the Arc of Union County, said. "We had a fantastic silent auction...and 10 casino games." 

The casino games included Black Jack, Roulette, Texas Hold 'Em and other casino favorites.

The group was projecting $15,000 raised for the event, the number will not be finalized until later in the week. 

"(The money raised) goes to fund our advocacy efforts," Plue said. "It funds the programs that we use to help families make their family member with developmental disabilities independent." 

Sometimes that is through school, community service or whatever else the developmentally disabled adult requires, Plue added. 

The event is a special night for not only The Arc, but also for the clients it serves. 

"We made this an inclusive event, so we had lots of our clients who were there as our guests and they really enjoyed the evening, too," Plue said. "We really like to highlight that. We don't do a whole lot of client impact stories at this event." 

Instead, Plue said, they showcase their adults with developmental disabilities and show the community that it is imporant to include them in society. 

Adults with developmental disabilities are most likely to be taken advantage of, Plue said. They are most likely to be abused or exploited and are generally the first fired and last hired in jobs. 

"We really like to head some of these things off at the pass and show the positive aspects of them to the community," Plue said. 

Though they will not start planning until the spring, the sixth annual casino night will be held the first Friday in December of 2013, the sixth. Tickets are already on sale.