Fledgling Monroe publisher set to release two books

Apr. 16, 2013 @ 03:11 PM

It will be a novel year for local publishing company Auntie M Children’s Books as they release their first two books. 

The company was founded in Jan. 2012 by Monroe resident Tina A. Morgan, affectionately called Auntie M. 

The first release is called “The Sophisticated Slug,” written by Auntie M. It is a children’s picture book about a banana slug in California who goes on an adventure to find his destiny. The second book, “The Bubble Bath Race,” also by Auntie M, is about a young boy trying to save his father’s business in San Francisco. 

Two more books are planned, by other authors. 

“I’m delighted. I cannot wait,” Editor Demi Marshall said. “We’re looking at digital proofs and we’ve worked so hard to put it together, it’s just really, really exciting.” 

For now, the process of publishing a book takes about six months from manuscript to finished product, though it could become a longer timeline as they receive more manuscripts, Marshall said. 

One of the challenging aspects and a top priority for the company is finding the right illustrator for the books becaue children learn so visually, she added.

The publisher employs about five people and a ring of indepdent contractors.

The company has not found a national distributor for the books. They are starting locally, at a grassroots level. So far Park Road Books in Charlotte has agreed to sell the book and they are working with other independently-owned stores in the state. 

In May, the company will represent themselves in New York City at Book Expo America, one of the largest book festivals in the country. They will attend as exhibitors and be able to show the books to the publishing community. 

Auntie M Children’s Books is the first of its kind to offer both traditional and self-publishing options, according to a statement from the company. They work to create a “circle of support” for the authors.

“Parents can always be sure that every book published by (Auntie M Children’s Books) will edify and enlighten their child,” Morgan said in a statement. “We believe children’s books should read like a movie in the young reader’s mind, thus teaching them through entertaining them.”

Morgan went to schools around the area talking to children and reading them a version of their first release, “The Sophisticated Slug.” 

“There was a great response,” Marshall said. 

Books will be available online at www.amcbpublishing.com or at local bookstores.