Police captain serves, protects pair of pups

Feb. 16, 2013 @ 01:04 PM

Two young dogs who were born without front legs were left under a car in front of a house. They had minimal contact with people, except one who would bring food for them every few days. 

The dogs were spotted by Captain Beth Greene, with the Monroe Police Department, on Jan. 22. Within hours, thanks to a network of foster homes and animal lovers, the two had homes. 

Teresa Tucker, an animal rescuer who often works with Dog Days of Charlotte, thought it might be difficult to place the two dogs in home because of the challenges raising a two-legged dog would present. 

"I was pleasantly surprised people responded the way they did," Tucker said. 

Within hours of putting their photos on Facebook, numerous people were calling to foster or adopt the dogs. 

The dogs, now named Deuce Justice and Hope, are doing well in their new homes. Deuce spends his nights snuggling with his new little girl, who loves him. 

Were it not for the network of rescues and foster families, the dogs most likely would have been euthanized. 

Hope, a brown female, will be taken to North Carolina State University to see if she can benefit from prosthetics. One of her front legs is about three-quarters long and missing a paw. Her new family said she uses it like a crutch when she walks. 

A veterinarian said the dogs were most likely inbred and born with the defect. 

However, the dogs do not seem to realize they are handicapped. Hope's new owner said she most likely thinks other dogs are strange for not looking like her.

"So many animals that are out there deserve a chance," Greene said. 

Greene herself did not initially realize the size of the animal rescue network. She was able to find homes for the puppies that were dumped in Monroe within a day or so. Another puppy was reported Tuesday.

The person who dumped the three puppies is still at-large. 

Wendy Daniel, an animal rescuer who lives in Waxhaw, said they are always looking for foster homes or donations. She added that if anyone would like to be involved, they can visit www.dogdaysofcharlotte.org. 

Stephanie Wade was also instrumental in placing Hope and Deuce. She is an active rescuer who works with Project HALO, Furever Angels, Rescued Me and numerous other local organizations.

Greene said that Tucker once told her rescuing animals was "food for the soul."

"I can honestly believe that," Greene said.