Firm: City manager hiring may be just 90 days away

Feb. 20, 2013 @ 06:10 PM

The hunt for a new city manager is underway.

At their Tuesday night meeting, the Monroe City Council heard a presentation by Colin Baenziger from Colin Baenziger & Associates, the Florida-based executive recruiting firm the council hired to find a new city manager.

Baenziger laid out the process for the council, which he said would take about 90 days.

He anticipated receiving between 40 and 60 application, perhaps up to 80, for the position. From those, he interviews the top 15 candidates by phone. After the phone interviews, the staff calls about eight references for each candidate, including former council members, city staff and others who would have worked with the candidate.

Baenziger will present about eight candidates to the council, including their resumes, a statement and a barrage of background checks.

The goal, he said, is to narrow the field to five candidates.

 Ideally, Baenziger said, the five candidates would be introduced to the public during a reception. However, confidentiality laws in North Carolina sometimes prevent these receptions unless every candidate agrees to it, he said.

 Tuesday night, the final three candidates for Charlotte city manager were introduced to the public.

Even without a public reception, the final candidates will meet with council members one-on-one to see if they have good chemistry, Baenziger said.

Council member John Ashcraft asked what would happen if they hired a city manager and the manager quit six months later.

 Baenziger said his firm offers a guarantee that if something happens in the first year, they will repeat the process free of charge, except for any travel expenses for the candidates. If something happens to a candidate within the second year, the city would not have to pay the firm's fee, but would pay their expenses.