Auction of one-of-a-kind plate benefits The Sandbox

Feb. 20, 2013 @ 06:19 PM

A Union County girl continues helping the non-profit organization dedicated to helping kids like her and their families.

Mara Campolungo is co-founder of The Sandbox, a Charlotte-based group that supports families of children with disabilities or life-threatening illnesses. Each year, The Sandbox holds a Prom for its clients and families. In September, Union County's Abby Wright was crowned the 2012 Prom Queen.

Abby has a rare form of dwarfism called Opsismodysplasia. There are only two other children with Opsismodysplasia alive in the world today.

The High Point Design Society holds its annual winter conference this week. Organizers approached Campolungo asking if their event could benefit The Sandbox.

"They decided the cumulation of the conference would be a silent auction and all the money raised would go to The Sandbox," Campolungo said.

Auction items were plates decorated by designers from all over the world.

"When I asked if our prom queen should make a plate for the auction, they said sure," Campolungo said.

Abby painted the first plate, which quickly sold for $100, she said.

"Once we shared it on Facebook, a follower saw the plate and bid on it," Campolungo said.

Abby's second plate design sold for $50. Abby even jumped at the chance to be at the silent auction in High Point to help and serve as The Sandbox's representative.

"It's the classic example of kids helping kids," Campolungo said. "She's our prom queen and has done so much for us already, but she just continues to give. She's very inspiring."

And why does she love helping others?

"I love helping other kids and it is fun to help The Sandbox," Abby said.