Anderson: Voices drove me to kill

Feb. 22, 2013 @ 06:15 PM

A murder trial defendant told investigators he heard voices that drove him to kill a neighbor in 2010.

Lamate Anderson is charged with the stabbing death of Yolanda Simon inside her Cripple Creek Court home the night of Feb. 28, 2010. During the second day of testimony in Anderson’s murder trial, prosecutors played a video recording of Anderson’s interview by a State Bureau of Investigation agent the night of the stabbing.

Special Agent Brandon Blackman testified that he interviewed Anderson shortly after his arrest. Prosecutors then played the interview recording. Anderson is shown sitting in a chair with his hands down his pants. In the recording, Blackman reads Anderson his Miranda rights, but Anderson agrees to waive his right to silence and an attorney. Blackman asks Anderson if he knew why he was in police custody. Anderson said it was because of what happened to the woman across the street.

“I stabbed her a couple of times,” Anderson said in the recording.

Anderson goes on to explain to Blackman that he began hearing voices in 2008. He asked his mother and brother if they heard the voices, too.

“My mother and brother say they been hearing voices for a long time, but my mother was always going to say it was the devil,” Anderson said. “I know it was the devil.”

He described some 20 to 30 different voices that mocked him, predicted doom for his family and told him he needed to kill someone every day for two years.

“They said they were going to make me change my walk. They were going to make other people think I was gay,” Anderson said. “They told me I’d either have to be gay or be a killer.”

A friend gave Anderson a folding knife, he said. He asked the same friend for a gun, saying that he wanted to “go shoot somebody”, but the friend refused.

Anderson went on to describe tactile hallucinations of invisible beings attempting to have sexual intercourse with him as he slept. Blackman asked Anderson if he sought help for the voices.

“I felt crazy, then I got used to it. I just stopped really, tried to stop paying attention to them and just ignore them and push them out, but it was so hard I couldn’t really couldn’t focus...I’m answering your questions, but I can still hear them though,” Anderson said.

After two years of prayer and efforts to ignore the voices, Anderson said he became so frustrated that he decided to kill someone as a way to “teach them a lesson.” He took the knife and walked over to the house Yolanda Simon shared with her cousin, Olivia, who Anderson had tried to date the previous year. He chose that house because it was close and because the voices kept saying Olivia’s name, Anderson told Blackman.

“When (Yolanda) answered the door, I asked her why she let her cousin play in my head in the dark,” Anderson told Blackman. “She was like, when, when. I told her to shut up. I just kept stabbing her.”

Anderson said he then walked back to his house across the street. Inside, he put the bloody clothes he was wearing into the washing machine.

“Did you know that you killed her when you left?” Blackman said.

“No,” Anderson said.

“When you left, was she still breathing?” Blackman said.

“She was trying to,” Anderson said. “She had blood coming out of her mouth.”

Blackman asked Anderson if he understood that killing was illegal and “against God’s word.” Anderson said he understood, but that night he lost control.

The interview ended when Blackman asked if the voices told him to waive his rights and give investigators a statement. Anderson said he was not sure if it was his decision or if he was following the voices’ direction. He then stated to Blackman he would plead insanity.