Liles' bequest swells UCPS scholarship pot

Aug. 10, 2013 @ 04:38 PM

Due to the charity of the J.B. and Agnes McManus Liles, Union County Public Schools will receive about $100,00 a year for scholarships. 

The school system was listed, along with other groups, as beneficiaries of the estate.

“She did hair in the basement of her home for little old ladies,” Attorney Larry Harrington said. “He was a bus driver for the Charlotte Transit Authority.”

J.B. grew up in Marshville. The couple did not have any children. When Agnes died her estate was just shy of $5 million Harrington said. 

“(J.B.) was a scrounger and the only thing he spent money on was bird dogs, he was my bird hunting pal from years ago,” Harrington said. “(They) didn’t spend money on anything.”

“He got out of some service in 1946 and saved up some money and started investing,” Harrington said. He said his bus route took him by Duke Power, where he watched the stock ticker crawl. 

“He got to looking at the stock ticker,” he said. “They had that big run up during the Clinton Administration of stocks and they had a good broker.”

J.B. died in 1989 of lung cancer. 

Harrington is one of the co-trustees of the estate. They will establish the guidelines for scholarships, which Superintendent Mary Ellis said would be handled by the Union County Education Foundation. 

“To the extent I can, I’ll look after Union County,” Harrington said. 

Ellis talked about the endowment during her monthly superintendent’s report. 

“There’s always hope,” she said. 

Other beneficiaries in the county included Wingate University. She gave them about $600,00 to be used for the health science building.