New rescue truck in service

Mar. 12, 2013 @ 08:09 PM

Monroe Fire Department’s newest vehicle carries more equipment and helps make work easier for department personnel.

The vehicle, which is known as Rescue 1, replaces a similar truck the department owns.

The previous vehicle was moved to a different station of the department and is still in use while an

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older Hazardous Materials truck the department owned has been put out of service

“We’re a lot more efficient,” Engineer Marty Honeycutt of the Monroe Fire Department said in reference to the addition of the new truck.

Rescue 1 is 40 feet long and holds various equipment useful for firefighting and different rescues, which many of the department’s personnel are trained in. The vehicle it replaced was 15 years old. Unlike the previous vehicle, Rescue 1 can hold a lot more and has many more advanced features.

“This is a great big tool box for rescue,” Engineer Kevin Philemon said in reference to Rescue 1.

Members of the Monroe Fire Department do a lot more than just firefighting, Honeycutt said.

“We’re not just a firefighting department, we’re firefighting, medical EMT, swift water rescue, high angle and low angle rescue, confined space, Hazmat,” he said.

In addition to carrying multiple kinds of equipment, Rescue 1 will allow members of the Monroe Fire Department to set up light at rescue scenes they respond to, stabilize vehicles and complete other tasks. The vehicle also has cameras to help maneuver around blind spots as well as a Scott Revolveair charge Station, which allows multiple air tanks to be refilled at once while at the scene of a fire or other emergency, he said.

To purchase Rescue 1, the department paid $645,000. It has been in use since February and has been very useful to the department, Chief Ron Fowler of the Monroe Fire Department, said.