Police Briefs for March 13

Mar. 13, 2013 @ 05:11 AM

Officers presented certificates Thursday

Members of the Monroe Police Department swore in a few new officers Thursday, March 7 and awarded certificates and Letters of Commendation to some of the department’s personnel.

Officer Jason Frazier received his Intermediate Law Enforcement Certificate while officers David Godfrey and Gary Veasie received their Advanced Law Enforcement Certificates.

Letters of Commendation were given to Barbara Broome, Ginger Pope, Sgt. Javier Villarreal, Sgt. Chris Helms and Detective Glen Jenkins.

Larceny reported at Walmart

Monroe police responded to Walmart at 2406 W. Roosevelt Boulevard on March 8 in reference to a larceny that happened March 7. When officers arrived, they spoke with Josh East, who works with Loss Prevention. He told officers that he was notified by the night manager that a woman was stopped as she pushed a buggy full of items out the door without paying for them. East pulled up the picture of the woman for the officers that showed her exiting the door with the buggy. An officer was able to identify the woman as Lisa Baucom Newsome. Newsome had been asked by a cashier to see her receipt and left the cart sitting in the store as she ran out the front door and got into a truck. East backed the video up for officer to find out who was with Newsome. An image was pulled up that showed Ian Phifer entering the store through the garden center door then turning around and exiting. Phifer got into the same truck that Newsome did. East told police that

Phifer had been caught shoplifting on several occasions and was banned previously for those incidents. Newsome had also been banned for previous shoplifting incidents. An officer stated that he would obtain warrants on Newsome for shoplifting and trespassing and would also obtain a warrant for Phifer’s arrest for trespassing, according to a Monroe Police Department bulletin. 

Police identify vehicle

On March 8 a Monroe officer noticed a vehicle that had been at 1608 E. Roosevelt Boulevard for several days. The officer had run the tag earlier and it came back as valid. Later that day, the officer received a delay DCI hit stating the vehicle was stolen. The hit was confirmed with the Union County Sheriff’s Office and was turned over to its owner, according to a Monroe Police Department bulletin. 

Credit card fraud reported

On March 8 Sylvia Wright reported to Monroe police that someone stole her credit card and made approximately $1,288.50 in fraudulent purchases. She told police that she did not know her credit card was stolen until her last purchase on Feb. 14. She provided officers with a copy of her bank statement and two signed affidavit forms where she contested the purchases. Wright was advised that the information would be passed on to the Monroe Police Department detectives, according to a Monroe Police Department bulletin. 

Man charged with marijuana possession

Monroe police responded to 394 Durant Street on March 8 in reference to a disturbance. When they arrived, they found the described suspect walking south on Durant Street. An officer stopped the suspect, who was identified as Jeremy Allen. A safety frisk was conducted and 22 grams of marijuana were found inside Allen’s right front pants pocket. Allen was also found to have had a warrant for his arrest. He was arrested and taken to the Union County Jail. Afterwards officers spoke with a woman who said that she had been arguing with Allen when a tussle ensued and that she did not want to press charges, according to a Monroe Police Department bulletin. 

Man arrested for drug possession

Monroe police responded to Walmart March 10. While finishing a report, a man walked out of the store without paying for merchandise. An officer was notified and the suspect, Christopher Tillman, was found. During the investigation, it was discovered that Tillman had a bag of marijuana and crack cocaine. It was also discovered that Tiffany Smith, who was with Tillman, had opened a box of crackers and fed them to her grandchild while in the store and left without paying for them. Smith was issued a citation for shoplifting and released. Tillman was arrested for possession of cocaine and resist, delay and obstruct and taken to the Union County Jail.