UC has won 13 state titles in 4 years

Soccer, baseball, track highlight success
Jun. 27, 2013 @ 02:50 PM

Union County's high schools have racked up 13 team state titles in six different sports over the last four years.
Since North Carolina moved from three to four divisions in 1960, UC has amassed 44 state championships.
It took the county nearly five decades to accumulate the first 31 team titles — an average of .632 per year from 1960 through the spring of 2009.
The county has exploded with state titles in recent years.
UC's averaged roughly five times as many state titles over the last four years than it did the previous 49.
Union County has averaged 3.2 state titles since the beginning of the 2009-10 school year, including four in each of the past two years.
UC's baseball and girls soccer programs have led the way with three state championships each this decade.
All 10 public high schools in Union County have won at least one state championship, led by Sun Valley with 19.
The Spartans have yet to win a team title since the turn of the century, doing most their damage in the 1980s and 90s.
Monroe ranks second with eight state titles, including three this decade.
By winning the state in baseball in 2013 and wrestling in 2012, Piedmont has moved up to third in the county with four state championships.
The four high schools in Union County born in this millennium have combined for nine state titles, including three each by Weddington and Marvin Ridge, two by Cuthbertson and one by Central Academy.
Two Union County teams repeated as state champions in 2013, including Monroe in girls track and Weddington in baseball.
The last time a county program won back-to-back state titles before this year was in 1998-99, when Sun Valley's boys cross country team accomplished the rare feat.

Union County's team
state title winners

(since 1960)

Sun Valley^19
Marvin Ridge^3
Forest Hills^2
Porter Ridge^1

Union County state champions
(by sport)

Forest Hills (1984)

Weddington (2013)
Piedmont (2013)
Weddington (2012)
Forest Hills (1997)
Piedmont (1984)
Sun Valley (1977)

Boys basketball
Monroe (2010)
Monroe (1980)

Girls basketball
Monroe (1993)
Parkwood (1983)

Piedmont (2012)
Sun Valley (1993)
Sun Valley (1992)
Piedmont (1987)

Boys soccer
Cuthbertson (2012)
Marvin Ridge (2009)

Girls soccer
Central Academy (2011)
Cuthbertson (2011)
Marvin Ridge (2010)

Porter Ridge (2012)
Sun Valley (1997)

Girls cross country
Weddington (2003)
Sun Valley (1989)
Monroe (1986)

Boys cross country
Sun Valley (1999)
Sun Valley (1998)
Sun Valley(1992)
Sun Valley (1990)
Sun Valley (1989)
Sun Valley (1988)
Sun Valley (1987)
Monroe (1987)
Sun Valley (1986)

Girls track and field
Monroe (2013)
Monroe (2012)
Sun Valley (1993)
Sun Valley (1992)
Sun Valley (1991)
Sun Valley (1990)
Sun Valley (1989)

Boys track and field
Marvin Ridge (2009)
Monroe (1990)
Sun Valley (1987)