Ace in the hole

12-year-old beats the odds with hole-in-one
Sep. 19, 2013 @ 05:32 PM

The odds of a PGA Tour golfer making a hole-in-one during a round are 3,000-to-1, according to a study conducted by Golf Digest, and the odds increase to 12,000-to-1 for the average golfer.
Dakota Hearne isn't average.
The 12-year-old 7th-grader, who lives in Waxhaw and attends Cuthbertson Middle School, defied astronomical odds last Saturday by scoring a hole-in-one at Stonebridge Golf Club.
Hearne made a wise choice when he drew his 8-iron on the 6th tee and holed it from 131 yards out.
He was playing with his Dad, David, Stonebridge assistant pro Mike Hill and Stonebridge employee Caleb Hinsley.
They cheered Dakota on after he dropped his club and ran to the green.
The youngest player to ever record a hole-in-one also did it in North Carolina, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Christian Carpenter of Hickory was 4 years and 195 days when he made a hole-in-one on Dec. 18, 1999 at Mountain View Golf Club (the distance of the shot was not mentioned).
Tiger Woods was 6 years old when he made his first hole-in-one.
The oldest golfer to ever make a hole-in-one, according to Guinness, was 102-year-old Elsie McLean of England on April 5, 2007. McLean played until she was 105 and lived to be 107.