Mavs win fifth straight county meet

Outscore second-place team by 95 points
Apr. 15, 2013 @ 11:11 PM
Marvin Ridge High's boys dominated the Union County Track and Field Championships,Saturday afternoon.
Senior sprinter Logan Jackson led Marvin Ridge to victory at the Union County Track and Field Championships with 22.5 individual points.

Jackson took home golds in the 200 meter dash, the 400 and the 4x400 relay.

"It all starts at practice," said Jackson, who was also an all-conference point guard on the basketball team. "Our coaches have been giving us a good work out so that we could do it in the heat. We've just been doing it pretty well, so it's all about practice."

Jackson became the first Union County athlete to break the 50 second mark in the 400 meter dash this season with a 49.99 Saturday, besting the next-closest finisher by over a second.

Jackson came back three events later and won the 200 decisively and then anchored the 4x400 team that crushed the the field by almost 12 seconds.

Those numbers give Jackson confident going into the final leg of the season.

"I feel like I'm getting faster every meet," he said. "My times are getting faster and faster so I'm feeling good. I can't wait for states. I feel like the times are just going to keep dropping."

The Mavericks rolled up 182.5 points to blow away the field. Cuthbertson finished second with 87.5.

Obviously talent played a big factor in the outcome, but Mavs coach Cameron Starr also believes in the power of preparation.

"I think it was talking about it with the team, letting them know the importance of hydration and fueling their bodies early in the week," Starr said.

The Mavs won six of 18 events and used a massive amount of depth to grab a fifth straight Union County championship.

The Mavericks are four years removed from their boys 3A state championship, and have their minds set on bringing back the trophy in 2013.

"We have a very talented core group of guys; they are very motivated and they have very lofty goals for the end of the season," Starr said. "We talked about this meet kind of being the first dress rehearsal for the state championship meet and they understood that. They came through pretty well. I saw some things we need to work on and it let us see some things we're pretty solid at right now."

The Mavericks racked up points in the field events prior to the runners starting with strong showings on the pole vault (took top three spots), high jump and shot put.

Christopher Garrick set the bar for the high jump by clearing 6-4.

Starr felt the field guys set the tone.

"This year, more than any, we have strong throwers and that's been one of our weak areas," Starr said. "We went after addressing that in the offseason and in the winter season. ... You see the throwers come through and that motivates somebody like Logan to perform even at a higher level because he knows he has that supporting cast behind him. We try to have a balanced attack. Before the meet we broke down what we could do in each event area, where everybody else could score points and we wanted to try and have a balanced attack."

Most track meets have been run in cooler weather this season, but the Mavs are already trying to get ready for when it warms up.

"We just have to keep drinking water throughout the day," Jackson said. "Our coach tells us to keep hydrated the whole day. The heat won't effect us. ... I feel like our team can get a state championship if we keep doing what we're doing. I feel like we have a good shot. In the individual events I just have to keep working, it'll be close but I think I can do it."

Cuthbertson girls edge MHS, Mavs

Cuthbertson's girls won a close race to win the county meet, avenging last year's close loss.

The Cavaliers scored 161 points, followed by Monroe with 156 and Marvin Ridge with 152.

"They've worked really hard all season and I'm very proud of them," said Cavs coach Nicola Roark. "They go out every day and give 100 percent."

The Cavs brought home gold in just four events but scored in 16 of the 18 events.

It was a big day for the Cavs after they fell a half a point short of the championship a season ago.

"This means a lot and we're really excited," Roark said.

Nikolete Hurrinus led the way for the Cavs as she won the 400 meter dash, edging Monroe star Renezia Collins.

The defending 1A state champion Redhawk girls stayed close by winning eight events with Amilya Mitchell doubling up in the discus and shot put.

Julice Crowder won the 100 meter dash and long jump for MHS, and was a part of the record-breaking 4x200 team with Daya Jordan, Simone Gwehi and Collins.

"It's a big meet so I knew I had to come out and help my team," Crowder said. "I had to keep my motivation up and motivate my team so we could do well."

Collins also won the 100 hurdles and 200 meter race by one-hundreth of a second over Hurrinus.

The Redhawks have had a knack for doing well in the biggest meets of the year and have a good core to defend their 1A state title.

"We work hard at practice. It creates momentum and it's our momentum that gets us motivated for these meets," Crowder said. "We're just so happy to run that when we come out here we give it our all. We just have to keep working hard at practice and help each other out. We'll keep going for the top. We can win it again this year. I'm confident."


Union County Track & Field Championships

(held at Monroe High)


3200 meter relay:

1. Marvin Ridge 10:33.44

2. Piedmont 10:39.35

3. Cuthbertson 10:40.77

100 meter hurdles

1. Reneazia Collins, Monroe 15.23

2. Madison Reasor, Sun Valley 15.59

3. Margaret Livingston, Weddington 17.14


100 meter dash

1. Julice Crowder, Monroe 12.59

2. Nikolete Hurrinus, Cuthbertson 12.74

3. Ariel Worley, Cuthbertson 13.27

800 meter relay

1. Monroe 1:45.07

2. Cuthbertson 1:48.54

3. Marvin Ridge 1:49.24


1600 meter run

1. Alden Kessenich, Marvin Ridge 5:24.45

2. Mallary Price, Weddington 5:25.66

3. Melanie Hussey, Marvin Ridge 5:27.23

400 meter relay

1. Monroe 51.28

2. Weddington 52.24

3. Cuthbertson 53.01


400 meter dash

1. Nikolete Hurrinus, Cuthbertson 57.58

2. Renezia Collins, Monroe 58.25

3. Kacie Hicks, Marvin Ridge 1:00.12

300 meter hurdles

1. Madison Reasor, Sun Valley 49.18

2. Shikima Gainey, Monroe 49.65

3. Tyneshia Walker, Cuthbertson 50.66


800 meter run

1. Delaney Dunkley, Marvin Ridge 2:30.55

2. Alden Kessenich, Marvin Ridge 2:31.51

3. Ailish Dwyer, Marvin Ridge 2:34.12

200 meter dash

1. Renezia Collins, Monroe 25.47

2. Nikolete Hurrinus, Cuthbertson 25.48

3. Kendall Cox, Monroe 26.73


3200 meter run

1. Mallary Price, Weddington 11:57.12

2. Nicole Renwick, Marvin Ridge 11:58.23

3. Melanie Hussey, Marvin Ridge 12:27.84

1600 meter relay

1. Weddington 4:12.77

2. Marvin Ridge 4:12.89

3. Monroe 4:19.62


High Jump

1. Deja Burks, Cuthbertson 4-10

2. Morgan Carlson, Cuthbertson 4-10

3. Hannah Frederick, Marvin Ridge 4-8

Pole Vault

1. Liz Wood, Cuthbertson 9-6

2. Ashley Terkeurst, Cuthbertson 9-6

3. Haley Thoms, Cuthbertson 8-6


Long Jump

1. Julice Crowder, Monroe 17-4.75

2. Mikaela Seibert, Cuthbertson 16-5

3. Nikolete Hurrinus, Cuthbertson 16-1.75

Triple Jump

1. Mikaela Seibert, Cuthbertson 34-11.5

2. Kaitlyn Vanderlaan, Marvin Ridge 31-1.25

3. Kiana Staton, Monroe 30-10


Discus Throw

1. Amilya Mitchell, Monroe 99-7

2. Jaleea Cunningham, Porter Ridge 95-8

3. Taylor Deese, Parkwood 85-11

Shot Put

1. Amilya Mitchell, Monroe 30-10

2. Asha Jordan, Monroe 30-9

3. Taylor Deese, Parkwood 30-4.5



3200 meter relay:

1. Marvin Ridge 8:40.02

2. Weddington 8:40.16

3. Cuthbertson 8:41. 09


110 meter hurdles

1. Ryan Torzsa, Cuthbertson 17.52

2. Devonte Straing, Central Academy 17.55

3. Tyrek Huntley, Porter Ridge 17.58

100 meter dash

1. Tyler Casey, Monroe 11.12

2. Justin Titjen, Marvin Ridge 11.20

3. Maurice Little, Cuthbertson 11.33


800 meter Relay

1. Monroe 1:30.26

2. Forest Hills 1:31.70

3. Weddington 1:37.28

1600 meter run

1. Luke Warner, Weddington 4:34.70

2. Kendon Corbett, Marvin Ridge 4:36.39

3. David Pann, Central Academy 4:40.19


400 meter relay

1. Forest Hills 43.42

2. Monroe 43.73

3. Marvin Ridge 44.04

400 meter dash

1. Logan Jackson, Marvin Ridge 44.99

2. Roshad Gibson, Forest Hills 51.24

3. Chris Duchateau, Cuthbertson 51.52


300 meter hurdles

1. Jason Pierre, Sun Valley 41.04

2. Ryan Torzsa, Cuthbertson 42.01

3. Juwan Crowder, Forest Hills 43.05

800 meter run

1. Ryan Hastings, Porter Ridge 2:00.09

2. Nicholas Futia, Marvin Ridge 2:00.75

3. Elijah Inuwa, Central Academy 2:01.50


200 meter dash

1. Logan Jackson, Marvin Ridge 22.15

2. Juwan Crowder, Forest Hills 22.88

3. Maurice Little, Cuthbertson 22.97

3200 meter run

1. Ryan Hobbs, Weddington 10:07.73

2. Danny Sodano, Cuthbertson 10:09.62

3. Jake Blizzard, Marvin Ridge 10:19.24


1600 meter relay

1. Marvin Ridge 3:25. 96

2. Cuthbertson 3:37.74

3. Monroe 3:40.59

High Jump

1. Christopher Garrick, Marvin Ridge 6-4

2. Cornelius Stradford, Cuthbertson 5-8

3. Desmen Robinson, Monroe 5-8


Pole Vault

1. Ronald Campbell, Marvin Ridge 12-0

2. Pierce Forgione, Marvin Ridge 12-0

3. Jonathan Spitler, Marvin Ridge 11-6

Long Jump

1. Jacquez Johnson, Sun Valley 20-8

2. Braxton Knotts, Monroe 20-4

3. Jason Pierre, Sun Valley 20-3.5


Triple Jump

1. Jonathan Wingo, Forest Hills 42-6

2. Douglas Carelock, Monroe 42-3

3. Naim Donaldson, Central Academy 41-2

Discus Throw

1. Yanick Mendez, Porter Ridge 132-3.5

2. Drew Lair, Porter Ridge 127-5

3. Ben Williams, Marvin Ridge 121-5


Shot Put

1. Dio Protopapadakis, Weddington 44-6

2. Alex Tate, Marvin Ridge 44-1

3. Dana Johnston, Marvin Ridge 43-7